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To do

Add update authorization features. Perhaps have changes signed by the author.

Deploying the wiki

All of the processes use the same headless image into which they all load the same runtime parcel.

Setting up the runtime directory structure

Do each of the following as necessary on the target host:

Creating the base headless image.

  1. Start a clean VisualWorks image
  2. Load the version of the Wiki Development bundle you wish to build a base image for. Note, a base image may well be good for several versions of the system. You'll only need to build a new image if there is a new version of VisualWorks, or you change the WikiBaseImageElements bundle.
  3. Save the WikiBaseImageElements bundle as a parcel.
  4. Close the image (no need to save it).
  5. Start another clean image (do not load Store or any other development tools into this image).
  6. Load the WikiBaseImageElements parcel you just made into the image. This will pull in all the prerequisite parcels needed by the MMS system.
  7. Evaluate: "WikiBootstrap makeHeadlessImageAndSaveAs: 'wiki'". This will save a headless image called "wiki.im". This is your new base image.
  8. Exit from the image without saving it.

Creating the application parcel

The application is deployed as a parcel (well, both the .pcl and .pst). So, simlpy load the version of the development app containing the version of the system you wish to deploy and publish-as-parcel the WikiBundle bundle. Include the package structure in the parcel (this does not affect the runtime, but will help debugging).

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