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What is OpenSkills?

OpenSkills® is in the first place a global non-profit association of professional individuals who favor open source solutions and who are guided by the OpenSkills social contract. Besides the focus on open source and IT sectors others markets with skilled professionals are invited to join us.

The OpenSkills Role in the Recruitment Market is growing within Australian industries because this is the 'mother country'. Like many open source communities and online Networking communities the popularity grows all over the world. OpenSkills services are ment to be global.

There are three steps to becoming an OpenSkills member. To get started you need only supply an email address, and as a guest of the association you will have immediate access to some services. When you subscribe you get access to most of the system and services, and as a member you are able to influence the direction taken by the association by standing for a position on the board, or by voting.

The OpenSkills membership is linked together by the Identity Matrix. Every member is required to have a digital key, and have that key signed by at least two other members. The matrix is the graph of members linked together through keys and signatures. It is a map of who has identified who.

The SkillsBase allows people to promote their skills, and to find others with specific skills. The SkillsBase contains a tree of skills (e.g. Skill>Technical>Programmer>COBOL, or Skill>Soft>Management>TeamLeader). Individuals can record details of their career engagements, and associate each engagement with the applicable skills from the skills tree. Members can be commended for specific skills in the context of specific engagements, either by another OpenSkills account holder, or a client. The SkillsBase can be searched on the basis of skills, commendations and location.

OpenSkills offers a number of additional services targeted at supporting professional activities. These facilities include an effort tracking system, communications systems (email, mail lists, IM), development support systems (version control and bug tracking) and procedural support (sample contracts, technical documentation and member community support).

Make the most of your skills. Join OpenSkills! It's easy to join, and membership is open to all.

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