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As a member in good standing you are encouraged to actively participate in the domocratic process of the OpenSkills association.

Members vote

To vote you must either be present at the meeting where the voting takes place, or you can vote via a proxy.

Voting by Proxy

See section 30 of the constitution.

You can ask the OpenSkills secretary, or another member to vote on your behalf at the AGM - the member you nominate must physically attend the AGM to have your vote count.

Please make sure your proxy knows how you intend to vote.

Mail a completed proxy appointment form (Appendix 1 of the constitution) to the member you want to be your proxy (make sure you ask them first!).

If you wish, you may simply nominate the "OpenSkills Secretary". Mail forms for the secretary to: 62/1 Murray St. Pyrmont, NSW 2009 Australia

Vote electronically See section 31 of the constitution.

You can send an email to the secretary (jbadger@openskills.com) specifying your vote on each of the matters before the meeting.

This is like the proxy vote, and you need to include your preferences in the email. The email *must* be signed using your registered OpenPGP key.

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