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Style Rules for Origin Servers

Every OpenSkills application that provides an (X)HTML based interface must conform to these standards. This will give us the means to have a consistent look across all sites and pages.

Firstly, all systems must produce valid XHTML.

Important IDs

Here are defined site-wide element IDs which can be used by CSS to layout the common elements of a page. Note that the ids all start with a lower case letter on the basis that the ids refer to instances and not classes.

 ID  Element Type  Notes
 outerMostDiv  div  This is a div that contains all other content in the page.
 openSkillsHeader  div + h1  This identifies the page as an OpenSkills page and must always be at least:
<div id="openSkillsHeader"><h1>OpenSkills</h1></div>
 openSkillsMenu  div + ul  This is the menu that appears on all pages that allows users to jump directly to the home page of any of the OpenSkills applications.
 applicationHeader  div + h2  This identifies the page as from a particular OpenSkills system. e.g.
<div id="applicationHeader"><h2>SkillsBase</h2></div>
 applicationMenu  div + ul  This is the menu for an application. There must only be one menu across an application (i.e. not a different menu per page), but the menu can contain sub lists, and this may be enabled/disabled is desired
 pageHeader  div+h3  This identifies the page within an OpenSkills system. e.g.
<div id="pageHeader"><h3>Search</h3></div>
 content  div  This div contains the application level content of the page.

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