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StS 2005 Talks

By Bruce Badger:

At Smalltalk Soulutions 2005 I will be giving two talks. The first will a technical talk about the construction of the Membership Management System, and the second will a business level talk about the benefits that the use of Smalltalk has brought to OpenSkills.

Here are the talk summaries:

The OpenSkills Membership Management System

This is a technical talk about the OpenSkills Membership Management System (the MMS).

The MMS handles all aspects of the aplication and on-going membership administration for the OpenSkills association. Of particular interest from a technical perspective are the following aspects of the MMS:

The talk will go into some detail about how all these bits work together, and how they can be made to work at all.

OpenSkills & Smalltalk

OpenSkills is a global non-profit association of indivuduals. The association exists to promote the skills of it's members.

OpenSkills uses Smalltalk in several systems, the most noticable of which are:

This talk is about the technical challenges faced by OpenSkills and how Smalltalk helped us to address them.

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