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StORE Repository

StORE is a version control system designed to work with VisualWorks Smalltalk. To use StORE, you need a supported RDBMS (e.g. PostgreSQL) and a copy of VisualWorks. A non-commercial version of VisualWorks can be downloaded from the Cincom website.

There is work under way to introduce StORE support into other implementations of Smalltalk.

The first (and currently only) OpenSkills StORE repository is OpenSkills-common which has the environment string "store.openskills.org_common".

The OpenSkills-common repository requires that you have a username and password. Email administrator is Bruce Badger to request access to OpenSkills-common.

As the repository is running on a UML (User Mode Linux vm) it is not very fast, so don't use this as a working repository. Instead replicate completed work between your working repository and the OpenSkills-common repository.

Important: This service is intended to be a central replication service. Loading code and working on it while connected to any of the StORE repositories on this server will be painflully slow. So, use the "Store Replication" package to replicate pundles to your local StORE database, and work on them there. Replicate back any new work.

If you have any questions, just email the repository admin.

PostgreSQL notes

With PostgreSQL 7.3 it is possible to control access to database on the basis of group membership. The groups are set up using "create group xxx;" and "alter group xxx add user yyy, zzz;" commands. The group is then used as the user argument (prefixed by "+") in a line in pg-hba.conf.

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