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Sport API Version A

Sport API version name: "Sport(A)". Class prefix: "Sp".

Sport was created to help the implementation of the OpenSkills SkillsBase system which was developed in VisualWorks but which is deployed to run in GemStone only in production. Sport means that the SkillsBase application code which is developed in VisualWorks runs unaltered in GemStone.

Sport has been picked up and used for other systems and has now been ported to several other dialects. The API presented by Sport was never formally defined and kind of evolved as required.

We need to move the Sport API on, but we don't want to break the code that has come to rely on the know, if quirky, initial Sport API. The solution is to allow a number of versions of the Sport API to be used at the same time. The initial Sport API will be known as Sport(A) (A in brackets to indicate it's an after thought). The next API version will be called SportB.

Below is retrospective documentation which is catching up with what people have actually coded. Listed are the subjects classes and selectors that are deemed to be a part of Sport(A):


 Class  Selector  Response  Notes
 SpSocket class   connectToServerOnHost: {aString} port: {anInteger}   SpSocket  Returns a new instance of SpSocket which represents a socket connected to a server listening on a port numbered {anInteger} at a host named {aString}
    newTCPSocket   SpSocket   The returned SpSocket represents a socket which has not been assigned a task or role yet. Use the instance methods to turn the new socket into an active client or server socket.
 SpSocket   ???   ???





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