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Small IT Services Business

OpenSkills seeks to be of benefit to smaller IT services companies, even though such companies can not be members of the association. Only individuals can be members of OpenSkills.

This is presented as a FAQ.

Q. How openskills is going to increase my visibility if it's just going to promote the single person talents of my staff?

A. The SkillsBase will allow every member to specify preferred contact details. These will include URL, email and phone number. Members working withing service companies are able to focus on appying their skills, and the company takes care of the rest, including finding work, handling payroll, bringing project teams together etc. A member working in such a company can help increase the visibility of their employer by specifying the company website, email address and phone number as the preferred contact information.

Q. Why I would allow any of my staff to join OpenSkills when it sounds like an agency that allows them to sell their skills elsewhere other than through the work that I offer? I'd consider that a breach of employment contract!

A. Firstly, OpenSkills differs from an agency in that it does not require the payment of any commissions or fees other than the annual membership fee charged to members. Secondly, OpenSkills does not create the skills market, it just make it more efficient. People will inevitably move from one engagement to another throughout their career, it is a matter of retention policy within a company to create an environment from which employees do not seek to move on. By creating a more efficient market for skills, OpenSkills will make it easier for companies to find good people.

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