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SkillsBase FAQ

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Questions and Answers

Q: I can logon to the MMS, but not the SkillsBase. What's happening?

This can be a number of things, but it is most likely that you have old login details for the SkillsBase stored by your browser.

You just need to drop the saved password for the SkillsBase and connect again. We recommend that you do not save the password for the SkillsBase or any other OpenSkills service.

Q: Can the contents of tables be sortable, please?

The intention is that the contents of tables on SkillsBase will be sortable.

The server generates clean W3C valid XHTML and CSS is used to say how the XHTML is to be rendered. In the future, the CSS will include ECMA Script that will allow table sorting. Examples of the kinds of thing we will have can be found at the following sites:

Q: Why can't a skill have more than one parent?

At present the skills in the SkillsBase form a tree structure. Every skill, except the root skill, has a single parent skill and any number of child skills. In theory, skills could be allowed to form a network, with any given skill having any number of parents and children.

Network data structures tend to be much harder to understand and are harder to manage than trees. A network structure may appear to make some specific situations easier, but would tend to make the general situation much more complex.

At present the SkillsBase will stick with a tree structure for skills, but given the lack of a clinching argument against, a network structure must remain a possibility for the future.

If you would like to push for a move from a tree to a network strcture for skills, please post your argument to the OpenSkills-dev mailing list, and include a concrete, real-world, non fabricated example that supports your argument.

Q: What's a revoked skill and what should I do about it?

Skills can be revoked if it is felt that they should not appear in the Skills Tree. This can be because a skill is deemed to be inappropriate for OpenSkills, or because a skill is a duplicate of another skill, or because the skill has been replaced by more specific skills.

Revoked skills are not visible to searchers, so if you have engagements linking to revoked skills, nobody other than you will know. It will not help your resume to be found. You should remove revoked skills from your engagements and select other skills instead.

To remove revoked skills, simply visit your My Resume page and look at the engagement summaries for highlighted skill names. Edit each engagement that links to a revoked skill and simply uncheck the revoked skill(s) in the skills list. The skill will be highlighted in the skills list too to make it easy to spot. Then select new skills that represent what you want to say about your abilities.

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