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SkillsBase Code Management

Loading up the code

All versions of the system are available from the OpenSkills common Store repository, but please do not load the bundle directly from there. Instead, replicate the bundle to your local Store repository and load from that.

So, load the "OS SkillsBase Development" bundle into the clean VisualWorks image from your local Store repository.

... start coding.

Version Numbering

When publishing changes to the SkillsBase, always publish the top most development bundle. This will keep all the work contained in your version together. The alternative to to publish only the component bundles and packages that you have changed - don't do this.

Version names must take the form v iii.nnxx


Implementation Notes

Class Names

Class names are prefixed with OSSB (for OpenSkills SkillsBase) because not all Smalltalk implementations support namespaces yet, and the system should be portable, particularly, to the two open souce Smalltalks: Squeak and GNU Smalltalk.

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