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SkillsBase Change Log

To connect to the SkillsBase system, click here -> http://skillsbase.openskills.org

What's new @ 2 031

What's new @ 2 021

What's new @ 2 018

What's new @ 2 011

Career history, career summary and enducation summary can now be added to resumes. These three are free-form text, and as with all such infromation in the SkillsBase, any HTML tags will be escaped when displayed.

A clip of the information (if present) is shown in the search results list, and the full text is shown on the public resume page.

This version also takes a step towards using the same CSS as the other OpenSkills systems.

What's new @ 2 005

This version of the SkillsBase is a schema change only, but the schema change will enable the following for the next several releases:

With these schema changes in place, we can start changing the web interface to allow people to use the new stuff, and to see it in search results. All the changes will be initially made available only to members, but will probably be fairly quickly made available to subscribers too.

What's new @ 1 166

What's new @ 1 154

What's new @ 1 119

The system uses W3C standard XHTML and CSS and works will all the browsers I've tried it with so far including Mozilla (available for Windows), Galeon, Firefox, Safari, Lynx and even the hopelessly out of date and non-standards compliant Microsoft Internet Explorer.

What's new @ 1 115

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