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Server SOE

OpenSkills runs a number of servers. The intent is, as far as possible, to run one "service" on one server. For example, the SkillsBase, the Wiki etc ...

In practice each server must run a number of common services just in order to work, e.g. sshd (the secure shell deamon), the operating system(!).

Here we define the common aspects of an OpenSkills server, and give information about how those things should be configured.

The operating system must be Debian stable

In all but the most extreme situations, all OpenSkills servers should use the Debian stable GNU/Linux operating environment.

Backported and custom packages should be avoided if at all possible.

It must be very obvious on the project home page if either of these SOE requirements are not complied with.

Packages and Services

Servers have things installed if they are required to perform their alloted task. As far as possible, all non-essential packages should be removed. Here is the basic configuration that all OpenSkills hosts should have:

so that we can delegate administration without everyone knowing the root password

so that logins and reboots are recorded

ntp to keep the time on the host right. Install the ntp-simple package. If the time on the server (use "date") is out by more than a minute, use "ntpdate pool.ntp.org" to correct the time (you will need to stop the ntp-server to do this). Also, use tzconfig to set the timezone on the host to GMT.

to regularly download the latest package upgrades to the host. Installing them is done by hand, use cron-apt to download only.

Once you've setup your machine, subscribe yourself to admin@lists.openskills.org and let the administrators know that root@.openskills.org should be added to both recipient and sender lists.

System Monitoring

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