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This is the agenda of the first Special General Meeting of OpenSkills


Considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolutions as special resolutions:


  1. The meeting opened 18:00
  2. The Resolution and voting process were explained
  3. 27 proxied were received. 25 for the motion, 1 against the motion and one proxy vote from a non-member (which was not counted in the vote)
  4. The vote: 2 votes in favor by show of hands. 25 votes in favor by proxy. 1 vote against. Only one member did not vote. Over 75% (~97%, or 29 out of 30) of the membership voted. More than half (~97%) of those voting voted in favor of the resolution.
  5. The resolution was passed
  6. The meeting closed at 18:30

Proxy voting

Enter a prize draw by simply submitting your proxy vote!

If you have any doubt that you will make it along to the meeting, please send in a proxy vote (you can reclaim your proxy and vote in person if you end up making it):

Send in your forms as described on this email to the OpenSkills-dev list.

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