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The host postgres.openskills.org is intended to provide all relational database needs for the association systems.

Creating a new database

It's easy to create a new database, but when you do you must think about the backup implications for that database. Each database is individually backed up because each has different security needs. For example, the backup of the MMS system database is encrypted, where the backup of the common Store repository is not.

Restoring the PostgreSQL server

The PostgreSQL server will need to be restored from the regular backup in the event of a problem with the host running the service, or in the event of an upgrade of the version of PostgreSQL being used or some other element of the SOE.

Restoring to the same SOE

This section is unfinished

To restore the PostgreSQL service to a host running the same SOE that the backup was created from:

Restoring to a new SOE

This includes upgrades to PostgreSQL and/or the operating environment.

Try very hard to recover to the same SOE in the case of a disaster. There will be fewer variables to deal with, and speed will be of the essence, so this section is really about planned upgrades.

While one can create an upgraded system using the regular backup, it's easier and quicker to create a dump of all databases in a single file using pg_dumpall. You'll need the regular backip tarball for the configuration files and scripts, though. So, start as for a same-SOE restore:

But then ...

That's it.


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