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Personal Email

Each member of OpenSkills may have an xxx@openskills.org email address.

Initially, this is likely to be a simple mail forwarding facility, but will become a facility for receiving, and storing email for members. Email held on the OpenSkills servers will be accessible using IMAP and a webmail MUA.

It is anticipated that mail forwarding will be a free service, but that storing email will be chargeable to cover costs.

To make the mail service reliable, there will be a number of backup mail servers (via DNS MX records) in case the primary servers go off line.

Spam filtering will be available. See the spam description for an in depth look at what spam is.

We may provide access to email via web tools such as: horde IMP | Squirrelmail | Twiggi | Silkymail

Service Outsourcing

It may be that the xxx@OpenSkills.org email service is outsourced rather than provided by OpenSkills volunteers.

A source of information about email services providers is Infinite Ink from their IMAP service providers page.

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