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Paying OpenSkills

OpenSkills fees and donations

The subscription fee is 10GBP (Pounds Sterling) from June 2007. Prior to this the fee was 20AUD (Australian Dollars). The change is because the corporate entity behind OpenSkills is now a UK corporation and 10 quid seemed like a nice round number in the region of 20AUD.

Making a subscription payment is just a matter of clicking on the Google Checkout icon on your "My Account" page of the mms. This will take you to a Google Checkout page that lists one item, an OpenSkills subscription specifically for your account.

Important note on processing: When you make a payment via Google Checkout we are sent an email message and we need to manually add your payment to the MMS. Once we have done that we have Google Checkout debit your card. It may take a little while for us to spot the email message and act upon it. Please bear with us and be assured that we will record the payment in the MMS before we debit the money.

We are currently anticipating using only the Google Checkout payment service. This service is easy for us to use and is available in many countries (although Google say this is a *limited* number).

Refund Policy

OpenSkills is a non-profit organisation and we accept payments only for donations and for subscription to our on-line services. Also we keep our subscription fee very low. It is not our policy to offer refunds on donations or subscription fees since the cost of administering the refund would be greater than the fee itself!

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