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OpenSkills website copy

This is where the text that ends up on the OpenSkills websites is maintained. There is no automatic migration, so don't expect changes to appear by magic!

The sections below follow the planned structure of the OpenSkills.com site.

Home Page

Welcome to OpenSkills.org

OpenSkills® is a global non-profit association of individuals which exists to promote the skills of its members, and support them in their professional endeavors.

Membership costs only $20 AUD per year, but we do insist that every member has an OpenPGP digital key signed by at least two other members. This means that we can be confident that members are who they say they are.

The SkillsBase is the repository of skills and experience held by OpenSkills members. If you are looking for a skilled professional, the SkillsBase can help:

Search the SkillsBase

For more in depth information about OpenSkills, visit the OpenSkills wiki.

About Us

OpenSkills is a global association of professionals which has grown out of an idea hatched in early 1999 by a small group of developers. The idea was to build a network of people who could help bring the benefits of open source software to businesses around the globe; releasing the commercial potential of open source software.

OpenSkills allows free public search access to the SkillsBase, giving anyone the ability to find members with specific skills.

OpenSkills provides members with a wide range of support services. Services include communication configuration and project management tools. These support facilities allow members to focus on delivering their professional services to clients.


OpenSkills is a staffless organisation. All public services are provided through the association computer systems.

If you would like to get hold of a human who represents the association, you can send an email to committee@openskills.com .

Join OpenSkills

Becoming a member of OpenSkills® is easy. For details, please see the "becoming a member" page of our wiki.

Not ready to join, but want to learn more?

Everyone is welcome to join the OpenSkills-dev mailing list. Simply submit your email address using the form on our MailMan list server.

Subscribe to openskills-dev. Visit the OpenSkills list server:

Link to lists.openskills.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openskills-dev

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