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OpenSkills Finances


OpenSkills gets money from:

o Subscriptions. This is the $20 AUD annual fee paid by subscribers and members. It is intended that this be the primary source of revenue for the association.

o Fees for services. Currently we have no such income, but the idea is that OpenSkills offers members optional facilities such as email storage, version control systems and other support facilities and charges for these. The charges would be enough to cover costs plus a small margin, and would be charged as micro-payments against a members account.

o Donations. This is windfall income that the association gets at the whim of the giver. Currently, donations in kind and in cash form the largest part of OpenSkills income. This should be money we can use for special things, not just keeping the association going.


OpenSkills spends money on:

o Licensing the OpenSkills trademark and domain names from Bruce and Justina Badger. This costs the association 2% of non-donation income according to an informal agreement in place since the incorporation of the association. (for reference, this amounts to ~30AUD (i.e. 2% of 1522 AUD) or 0.40c per subscriber per year since incorporation in June 2003 until now).

o Hosting. OpenSkills currently has 10 servers running our various services. These have a nominal cost of 15 GBP per month each, which amounts to a nominal cost of ~5000 GBP since incorporation. This is all nominal because these servers are all currently donated at no cost to the association. I hope that the association can pay these costs itself in the near future.

o Professional Services. We benefit enormously from the time donated to OpenSkills by many people. Most of the system development and administration work has been done by people on a purely voluntary basis. OpenSkills has paid for the services of accountants and lawyers, though. I hope that we can get to the point where we can afford to pay people for their time, perhaps even in retrospect for the work they have done. Certainly, as a professional association, we should treat our suppliers in a professional way. Volunteers are our lifeblood at the moment, though!

o Special Projects. The OpenSkills beermats are a good example here. These are one off projects to help members. In the case of the beer mats, this was helping members by helping the association to grow.

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