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OpenPGP Tools

OpenSkills prefers GPG as the tool for creating, managing and sharing OpenPGP keys. GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) is an open source implementation of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). PGP was implemented in the early 1990's as an open source project, but later versions of PGP were closed source, hence the creation of GPG.

GPG is available for many operating systems, including Windows and GNU/Linux. The definitive place to get a copy of GPG for your OS is the GPG website, but there may be easier ways, especially if you use GNU/Linux.

See the GPG frontends page for the latest information on GUI/MUA etc frontends to GPG for GNU/Linux, Mac and Windows.

OpenPGP Patform Specific Notes

Notes based on the experience of OpenSkills members using GPG on:

Notes on email clients

Not all email clients are equal when it comes to handling email that includes OpenPGP content (signatures or ciphers). The following table presents what various email tools do with OpenPGP content:

 Client   Sends   Reads   Comment
 Evolution   RFC 3156   RFC 3156. Just renders OpenPGP text blocks as text and makes no attempt to decode them.   OpenPGP key handling built in

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