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Member Services

Actual Services

Roadmap and projects for Member Services(2006)

In 2006 Openskills has a stable resume management system - the SkillsBase -, effective communication systems are in place (wiki, Jabber, mail lists) and a lot of related systems are in use. The policy is that development of systems and services will be realised using very open communication between each other and other organisations and communities. So, if you are interested you should always find answers about our activities, several Outstanding Requirements in Wish Lists and projects.

Business Development focus

Key projects are

Roadmap for OpenSkills Services (2003)

How it started..

The goal is to provide a comprehensive set of tools which support the needs of projects run by members.

In the first instance, the set of tools will be focused on communication (wiki, Jabber, mail lists). From then on, there will be a gradual addition of services which will include (in no particular order:

As projects may contain client confidential information, it will be possible to restrict access to project information (e.g. to team members only).

It is expected that the OpenSkills services portfolio will be extended over time as needs are identified by members. It is hoped that member projects will help in this regard.

Currently, it is not envisaged that a financial management system will be provided. The effort tracking system will be able to export information about expended effort and rates (perhaps), but the creation of invoices, and maintenance of ledgers will be the responsibility of members. This may change over time, but right now, the global variation in tax and employment law makes this space look daunting.

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