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You can see all upcoming events on the OpenSkills calendar which is hosted on Google Calendars. You can subscribe to the calendar so that you can see it from your favourite calendar tool. Choose from:

If you use Google Calendars just search for OpenSkills, and our calendar will come up.

Social Evenings

Social evenings are locally arranged and are a chance for you to meet up with other OpenSkills members to talk about life, careers and to sign keys.

Annual Meetings


The committee meetings are sheduled from time to time by the committee. Meetings may be either face to face at an agreed physical venue, or via electronic means (e.g. Jabber). Every scheduled meeting is listed on this page, and the agenda is on a page specific to the meeting.

An agenda is open for change by any OpenSkills member until one week before the meeting when the agenda is frozen. After this point committee members may update the agenda with their apoligies if necessary up to 24 hours before the meeting. Last minute apologies should be made by email or phone to the chair (by default, the president).

For an electronic meeting, it is important that the committee discuss the items on the agenda via the committee mailing list before the meeting. The meeting itself should just be formally proposing and accepting the agreed items. These meetings should therefore be quick. Some issues need deeper discussion, and these should be deferred to a face to face meeting. Any committee member can insist that an issue be deferred to a face to face meeting.

Committee Agendas and Minutes

If you'd like to add an item to the forthcomming meeting, please feel free up to one week before the meeting. Please don't try and change history by modifying old agendas, though.

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