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Marketing Handouts

Tri-fold brochure

This is a single piece of A4 paper printed front and back and folded into 3 such that there are 6 tall thin pages. You've seen lots of these - it the typical small info handout at a show. DCFB have a description.

Front Cover

The OpenSkills logo at the top with "making the most of your skills" right underneath. At the bottom of the page "www.openskills.org".

The image on the front page needs to capture the idea of OpenSkills - global, non-profit, professional, transparent etc.

Back Cover

Look into OpenSkills in detail.  Visit our wiki at:


The wiki is the place to go for detailed informaion about the
OpenSkills association.  You can find everything from system
descriptions to the minutes of the board meetings.

Questions?  Just join our friendly mailing list.  It's free
to use the mail list, just visit:


... select the OpenSkills-dev mailing list and submit your
email address

OpenSkills logo at the bottom with "www.openskills.org" underneath it.

Inside Front Panel

... helping individuals make the most of their skills.

We are a global non-profit association of individuals.  We are funded
by our individual subscribers and members, plus donations.

Individuals retain complete control of their information

Any person or company can use OpenSkills to find skilled people for
free.  There is no search fee and no comission.  Free.

Inside 3-panel spread


   skilled people

"Quote from someone who found people in SkillsBase"



promote your skills and
   Be Found



   a great job.

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