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MMS Use Cases

These are the use cases for the OpenSkills Membership Management System. The use cases are grouped under the actor. References to use cases take the form {actor name}:{use case name}


A contact is presumed to be a person who is trying to initiate the process of becoming an OpenSkills member.

First Contact

See the mms first contact detail page for details.

Membership application withdrawn

Once a contact has been registered, it can be removed through the web ui. This allows people to stop reminders being sent about inclomplete contact information.

Account holder

Sign In

A person has an account in the MMS once they have met the first contact requirements (see above). Once a person has an account, they can enter the parts of the system that allow them to change their personal details by supplying their current login name and password.

Editing Personal Details.

Once a person has done {Sign In}, they may change their personal details. The person may edit their details over any number of sessions. The system will send a report by email from time to time listing any issues that need addressing. The following information may be edited:


This actor is the system itself. The system must perform a number of tasks by a time schedule.

Account Review

The system reviews the information held for an account, and sends out a report by email.

If everything checks out: If there are problems: The report is encrypted if we have a viable OpenPGP key.

Membership Application validation

The system performs the following tasks when membership information is updated.

Verify an OpenPGP key

Produce account status report

This is a report of outstanding issues for an account. This includes uncompleted application steps, and renewal steps. The report gives details on how the person can resume the process, what input is needed, and (if applicable) why the process stopped. If we are in an interactive session, this report can provide immediate feedback on what is needed.

Verify email address

The email address is validated by the rules defined in RFC 2822 pp 3.4.1. On error notify the person by the UI if possible, if not then via {System}:{Produce account status report}.

Verify OpenPGP Key ID

Ensure that the key ID has a valid form (an 8 character hex string). Obtain the key corresponding to the key ID from the key server. Ensure that they key has an ID which matches the registered email address. Report issues via {System}:{Produce account status report}.

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