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MMS Change Log

MMS Version 4-007

This version of the MMS allows people to subscribe using Google Checkout. This involves being able to generate the linking HTML form including an XML cart plus an HMAC digital signature. Also we now have to handle multiple currencies since the previous subscription fee was 20AUD and the new one is 10GBP. The latter involves a change to the MMS database schema, hence the new major version number of 4.

MMS Version 3-066

This version of the MMS runs in GemStone where the previous version ran in VisualWorks Smalltalk. GemStone is a Smalltalk runtime environment and a persistent object repository. GemStone will be the operational repository for the MMS (just as it always has been for the SkillsBase), but the MMS will also maintain essential data in the existing PostgreSQL database.

There are a whole raft of minor improvements in this version, but the most important thing is the move to GemStone which will enable much faster turnaround of fixes and enhancements.

Look out for changes in the way that payments are recorded by the MMS. The mechanism is simpler and hopefully more obvious. This fixes the payments so that due amounts don't accrue and so a subscription payments is good for at least a year. Previously the payment-due was given the date of the day following the expiration of the last subscription payment, and this never changed - if a subscription was not paid for a year another payment-due was added for that year. If the person then paid the subscription fee - they were paying of the last year, not starting a new year! What now happens is that a payment starts a year's subscription unless a subscription is still in effect in which case the new subscription starts on the day following the old one.

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