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MMS: Signing Up

Signing up with OpenSkills is simply a matter of submitting an email address via the MMS Apply page. The aim is to create an OpenSkills account and to send out the login details.

Submitting an email address

In all cases the process starts with the submission of an email address via the MMS. The submitted email address is checked for the following:

When an email address passes these tests a confirmation email is sent to the address by the MMS, usually within a few minites.

Address Confirmation

The purpose of this step is to make sure that the person with the email address really wants to have an OpenSkills account. We need to do this to prevent pranksters from setting up accounts for other people.

The confirmation email message from the MMS contains links than can be used to confirm an email address, or to cancel the application.

If the MMS gets no response at all it will send up to 2 further confirmation email messages to the address before giving up and cancelling the application. There will be about a week between each message.

Account Activation

Most accounts will be eligible for immediate activation as guest accounts, and an email message containing login details will be sent out. Account activation may take a few hours.

Sometimes accounts can not be immediately activated. All of the services provided by OpenSkills are paid for by our subscribers, therefore there is a limit to the number of guest accounts we can accommodate.

In the rare case where there is no available capacity for a new guest account, the MMS will send a message explaining that the account is in a queue to be activated, but that the account can be immediately activated if the applicant subscribes. Upon receipt of a subscription payment, a queued account is immediately activated as a subscriber account, with all the associated extra capabilities.

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