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Joining OpenSkills

Once you understand why you want to join, you will find becoming a member of OpenSkills® is easy. We recommend that you join the OpenSkills-dev mailing list. This is a great place to ask any questions you may have about OpenSkills.

Step 1. Guest.

To get started you can be our guest. Just supply and then verify your email address via the OpenSkills membership system.

When your account is ready we will send you initial login details. You will be able to enter your resume into the SkillsBase system and immediately make yourself visible to people searching the SkillsBase from all over the World. The services available to you as a guest are limited, but we hope they are useful to you.

Step 2. Subscriber.

As a subscriber you will be able to publish as many skills as you wish, and will be able to use the SkillsBase HR-XML import/export facilities. Subscription is $20AUD per year.

Step 3. Member.

In the SkillsBase Members can commend other members and be commended. Members can also edit the Skills Tree. Members have a direct say in how OpenSkills is run and can stand for a position on the OpenSkills committee (board).

To be a member, you must be a subscriber, and:

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