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Jabber Help

Jabber is an open XML protocol for the real-time exchange of messages and presence between any two points on the Internet. The first application of Jabber technology is an asynchronous, extensible instant messaging platform, and an IM network that offers functionality similar to legacy IM systems such as AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. However, Jabber offers several advantages over legacy IM systems.

Main functionality

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Getting Started (new users)

If this is the first time using Jabber then first get hold of a Jabber client. The best advice on this is available from the Jabber.org client selection page. When you start the Jabber client and login (sign in) for the first time, please check whether the tickbox 'New Account' is on in the login Details. Once you have an account and you are logged in, go and visit the cafe! Open a chat connection (join Chat Room) to cafe@conference.jabber.openskills.org. For this room you don't need a password. Don't be shy. Speak up and say hello to the people already in the cafe.


If you are not familiar with Jabber, Jabber.org website is a good introduction. You can find much more information on the website, including details of clients for different platforms so you can get up and chatting quickly. In short, we use Jabber for individual one-off messages, person-person chat and group meetings such as the cafe (see below). In addition, it will be possible to set up project or subject specific channels for the exchange of information in a secure fashion.

This service is supported by Barry Weinstein.

The Jabber services

The cafe

The OpenSkills cafe is a public room that anyone can visit. You don't need to have an OpenSkills Jabber account to enter the room, but you will need a Jabber account from somewhere. Once you have started your Jabber client and logged in, simply go to the room: cafe@conference.jabber.openskills.org


Every member of OpenSkills will be given an account on the jabber.openskills.org server. Your account name and password will be the same ones you use to login to the other OpenSkills websites (e.g. the membership system). Your Jabber address will therefore be: <account name>@jabber.openskills.org

jabber.openskills.net (existing users)

Originally, OpenSkills offered an open Jabber server called jabber.openskills.net (note the .net instead of the .org). "Open" in this context means that people could create their own accounts on the Jabber server. The jabber.openskills.net server is still available for those who originally created accounts there, but no new accounts may be created.

Note that, if you're using the 'old' jabber.openskills.net service, the passwords on jabber.openskills.net are held in plain text. Do not use one of your favorite passwords for the jabber.openskills.net service.

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