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HomePage Development


 Administrator   Bruce Badger  Last Update   Jan 2006
 Development Owner   Stephan Vissers  Estimate   Aug 2006
 Development History   In production since 2003    
 Related Systems   MMS, Wiki, Mailman, Skillsbase    
 Work in progress   Re design project  Start   Apr 2006

Work in Progress Details

 search for experienced specialist   in progress
 compliant xhtml and css  

System Documentation

OpenSkills HomePage is hosted on our production server. The HomePage is a simple static introduction page to OpenSkills with the following characteristics. There is also a Wiki page with a copy of the content of the OpenSkills pages. The amount of content on this pages is limited and at the moment there is no content management system to manage this.

Now just copy the website directory to www:

scp -r {local website directory} mico.openskills.org:/var/www/

Configuration files can be found in /etc/apache. Change the "DocumentRoot" to be the name of the directory containing the current website.


 Question  Answer
 What tags are available for styling?  Our applications are trending towards following our "Style Rules for Origin Servers". It is anticipated that the number and nature of the classes and ID will be extended as part of the web presence upgrade.

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