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GPG for Windows

An easy way to use GPG keys with your email on a daily basis is to use the Mozilla mail tool with integrated Enigmail.

Or, you can use any email client (even web-based) in combination with a GnuPG graphical interface. If you choose this alternative, you may ignore the rest of this page, just download and install the latest edition of either GPGshell or WinPT Tray. They are very similar and allow you to verify/decrypt or encrypt/sign the contents of the clipboard or of the current window.

Mozilla Thunderbird (mail client only)

  1. Download and install Thunderbird
  2. Down and install Enigmail for Thunderbird
Once Enigmail is installed, close and restart the mail client, then choose Enigmail>about from its menu bar, and enter your configuration information

This will allow you to forget about gnupg's command line interface and transparently:

... all easily, rom the mail tool interface.

You should also setup things so that you are using PGP/MIME, which it was everyone uses. Go the OpenPGP|Preferences dialog and select the PGP/MIME tab and then select "Always use PGP/MIME".

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