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Effort Tracking Interface

This is the interface design for version 1 of the OpenSkills effort tracking system. The primary objective of this document is to define all of the external interfaces to the OpenSkills effort tracking system in sufficient detail to facilitate agreement among the interested parties working to build the system.


The system will be accessible via web browsers. Authentication is outside the scope of this document, but is an area that must be addressed prior to building the system.

OpenSkills members can establish new projects, and client accounts. The member that creates a project is the leader of that project unless and until that role is explicitly transferred to another member.

The project leader creates creates tasks to reflect the work that needs to be done, and roles to reflect the kinds of people needed to perform the tasks. Project planning is outside the scope of this system.

Members may apply to perform a particular role in a project. The project leader will record details of the statements of work agreed with successful applicants. Contract negotiation is outside the scope of this system.

The project leader will assign tasks to team members in the context of statements of work. Team members will book effort against these assignments.

The project leader will review and approve bookings. Information about approved bookings is made visible to clients, and to billing systems. Billing is outside the scope of this system.

Actors (The roles of people using the Effort Tracking System)

OpenSkills Member

Team Member

Project Leader

Billing/Payment system

Client Representative

Use Cases

Log in

Register a Project Group

Register a Project

Maintain Roles

Maintain Tasks

Apply for Project Role

Maintain Contracts

Assign Tasks

Accept Assignment

Activating and Deactivating Assignments

Review Assignments

Book Effort

Approve effort bookings

Change Project Leader

View resource commitment

Review tasks

Obtain newly billable bookings

Review approved progress

Review bill itemization

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