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Effort Tracking Help

Members can track projects using the system. This system can record details of clients, projects, contracts (statements of work), tasks, assignments and timesheets. The effort tracking system is easy to use for small one man projects, and scales to handle large projects involving many people.

Main functionality

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System objective (not operational yet)

The goal of this system is to allow members to keep track of the effort they have expended on projects. At it's simplest, it is a time sheet system. Though there is support for managing larget multi-person multi-task projects.

Key Terms:

 Time Line   A Time Line is simply a line on a timesheet. When you create a timeline you are recording the fact the you have expended some effort. Time Lines must be associated with a single assignment.
 Assignment  An assignment is what you book time to. An assignment links one member to one task in one project under the terms of one contract
 Task  A task is the smallest defined unit of work in the MMS. Each task is part of a single project and is associated with a single role. A task may be assigned to any number of members.
 Project  Looked at one way, a project is as a bunch of related tasks. It can also be considered to be a defined end point and all the tasks needed to reach that end point.
 Group  A group is a number of related projects. For example, you might group all the projects for a client under a single group. There is a default group called Default into which projects are initially placed.
 Role  A role is a named collection of skills. The idea is that when looking for people for your project, you can say "I want 5 people for this role" and is so doing you are specifying the skills you require. The skills defining a role should be skills from the SkillsBase SkillsTree. When you define a task, you must specify a role.

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