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Effort Tracking FAQ

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Q: When is the Effort Tracking system operational?

The specifications of the system are defined. The latest status update is that some parts are already in place but are not stable for go live yet. Is planned to come soon.

Q: Is it a central or distributed system?

Like the SkillsBase, this Effort Tracking system is a central system which runs with one instance, so non-technical speaking it is one database and one application used by many users. The project information of each individual is protected and confidential, e.g. billing data and timesheets, but certain technical and skill related data could be interesting to share and publish and link with the SkillsBase. For billing/payment you need other (decentral) systems, e.g. a simple word processor, because Effort Tracking only provides the essential data so that you can easily add your business specific data to your invoices.

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