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DevCon 2006

As always, the primary aim of the DevCon is to figure out how OpenSkills needs to improve over the coming year. The DevCon events vary in formality, but are really just any gathering where OpenSkills gets an airing.


This year, we have the "simple" aim of growing membership of the association. The meetings will be directed at bringing everyone up to date on all the services that OpenSkills offers, and taking input on what we should be doing better, and in particular what we need to do better to grow!


Here is the schedule for the 2006 DevCon. The aim is to have meetings in each place so we can help improve OpenSkills, grow OpenSkills and help members make the most of their skills.

 Date/Time  Location  Notes
 Apr 15th morning -> 19th afternoon  San Francisco
 18th 19:00  San Francisco  BALUG meeting (just attending, not speaking)
 April 22nd night -> 27th noon  Toronto, Canada  Smalltalk Solutions conferernce
 May 2nd  Ottawa   Speaking at the Ottawa Linux User Group
 May 4th  New York   Speaking at the New York Smalltalk User Group
 May 6th  UK  Looking out for LUG meetings to attend
 May 17th  Sydney  

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