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DevCon 2004

The 2004 OpenSkills development conference were held during the month of May with events in various locations around the world.


 Date/Time  Event  Notes
  2004-05-01 13:00   Bay Area OpenSkills DevCon meeting  Hosted by the OpenSkills committee Vice President, Barry Weinstein, in Walnut Creek, CA.
 2004-05-03   "The OpenSkills SkillsBase" at Smalltalk Solutions 2004   I hope to have a BOF on an OpenSkills related topic too
  2004-05-11   New York - NYSTUG   Giving the Smalltalk Solutions talk for NYSTUG
  2004-05-xx   UK   Various meetings around the country
  2004-06-22   Sydney   Combination OpenSkills devcon and social evening at the James Squire Brewhouse @ 18:30

OpenSkills DevCon Agenda

This year, the emphasis is on the OpenSkills systems such as the effort tracking system (tutos.openskills.net) and the SkillsBase (skillsbase.openskills.net).

Do also come along with your digital key fingerprints, and some photo ID. This is a chance to get your OpenPGP key signed by more members.

For the focused OpenSkills meetings, the agenda will be:

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