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Agenda for OpenSkills AGM 2004

AGM 17th Aug 2004


Ward Room @ The James Squire Brewhouse
Kings St. Wharf, Sydney, NSW Australia


Member Agenda Items


At the close of nominations, we have exactly one accepted nominee for each position on the committee. This means that this year there will be no election, and the committee as nominated will be the new OpenSkills committee.

The new committee will take up their posts upon the formal closing of the AGM meeting.

The new committee will looks like this:

 Position  Nominees
 President  Bruce Badger (p. P. Lesslie | s. R. Collins) accepted
 Vice President  Ashley Maher (p. P. Lesslie | s. B. Badger) accepted
 Secretary  Justina Badger (p. B. Badger | s. P. Lesslie) accepted.
 Treasurer  Dave Falvey (p. B Badger | s. J. Badger) accepted
 Ordinary committee member x 4  Stuart Guthrie (p. B. Badger | s. P. Lesslie) accepted
Robert Collins (p. B. Badger | s. P Lesslie) accepted
Paul DeBotton (p. B. Badger | s. P. Lesslie) accepted
Doug Camp (p. self | s. B. Badger) accepted


AGM 2004
Date:    17th August, 7:00 pm
Venue:    James Squire Brew Pub, Sydney

1. Bruce gave a presentation on OpenSkills: its inception,
incorporation, achievements to date and future goals.

2. SkillsBase officially launched.  Quick demo by Bruce.

3. Initial look of Membership Management System by Stuart Guthrie.

4. No voting for new committee required as there is only 1 nominee for
each position.
New committee approved.

5. Financial accounts presented.  Accepted by the committee.

6. Thanks to departing committee members and numerous others who have

7. Initial look of Effort Tracking System by David Naseby. 

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