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Agenda for Committee meeting 9

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Date:        03 December 2003, 7:00 pm
Location:	62/1 Murray St, Pyrmont, Australia
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Shawn Rogut			(SR)
		Shane MacPhillamy		(SMP)
		Barry Weinstein

Agenda (http://wiki.openskills.net:10045/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+8):

  1. Agree last minutes
  2. COM stuff
  3. ORG stuff
  4. NET stuff
  5. Treasury stuff
  6. Other

Action List from last meeting (04 November 2003):

  1. BB to send email to the Association members re: the time and venue for the social event.
  2. BB to add the following points to the proposed Licensing agreement: BB cannot arbitrary withdraw from the agreement, agreement renewable every x months, payment every x months.
    Done - on the wiki.
  3. BB to complete the application form for Committee Members Insurance.
    Delegated to JB.
  4. JB to put on next meeting's agenda: dicuss that cost of insurance to be borne by committee members rather than the Association.
  5. SR to prepare a survey form and send out to the mailing list (brought forward from last meeting).
    Not done.
  6. BB to put together a list of services provided by OpenSkills and the charges, if any, associated with them (brought forward from last meeting).
    Not done.
  7. SR to produce the monthly newsletter to the dev group (brought forward from last meeting).
    Not done.

Meeting Summary:

  1. All agree with last meeting's minutes
  2. IBC conference going ahead in March next year. BB has sent them the OpenSkills logo which will appear on the brochures.
  3. The press have often asked ACS for their position on open source. ACS contacted BB (because of the success of the open source sig, apparently the most successful in Australia).
    Initial meeting held on the 3rd Dec 2003.
    Follow-up meeting with the newly elected president to be scheduled for next week. During the committee meeting, ACS called and asked OpenSkills to formulate a strategy on behalf of them.
  4. Sydney University contacted BB for a 1-day course on open source.
    BB has asked for more information: what to cover, is it a one-off course, or is it going to be a regular thing?
  5. OpenSkills social event has attracted quite a lot of interest. Several people have said they are going along and will bring other people along.
    (Social event scheduled for 9th December 2003).
  6. DF suggested that OpenSkills might wish to orgniaze the social event on a regular basis; e.g once every month, or every 3 months.
  7. Committee members will decide if they should bear the cost of the directors' insurance when a quote has been obtained.
    DF suggested that the committee might only need to consider the directors' insurance when there are many members.
  8. Committee went through the AON quotation declaration and application forms.
    JB to complete the form.
    BB to take completed forms to AON for a quote.
    PxB might join him, depending on the time set up to meet thea AON representative.
  9. SG suggested that committee might want to prepare a cheat-sheet for the OpenSkills social event. OpenSource Victoria has a good PDF document that might be useful.
    SG to use the document as a reference and draft the cheat-sheet for further discussions among the committee members.
  10. OpenSkills progress:
    Can import and export the skills input into the system.
    Next deliverable is the ability to mark information as public or private.
    A public skill means it is visible during a search.
    Skills are private by default.
    SG suggested that the search result might include "x skills private" or something similar, so searchers are aware that there are members with a particular skill, even though it is private.
    Deployment to Gemstone requires Swazoo port.
    Member, Mark Hume-Cook, is progressing with the port.
    Committee is well pleased with the progress.
  11. The only obstacle to moving off the Yahoo list is closing the loop in the backup strategy.
    BB would like to buy a DVD burner so backup can be managed properly.
    BB suggested that we could ask for backup volunteer members, so there is more than 1 copy.
    Every service has an administrator. If recovery is required, the service administrator is to go to backup openskill.net to recover. On failure, ask 1 of the volunteer members for a DVD backup.
    The move strategy is to copy any new things still going into the Yahoo list into the new mail list.
  12. Effort Tracking System will only start after the SkillsBase is deployed.
    This is to maximize the benefits of having the necessary infrastructure in place.
  13. Signers of the OpenSkills account have to sign the application form to switch on on-line banking.
  14. DF suggested a "business card" for OpenSkills members.
    The card includes a logo, a catch-phrase and the URL and a "become a member" line.
    Use the label facility to put onto a single page that can be downloaded by members and printed, and cut into small cards to be handed out, when the situation arises.
  15. OpenSkills has be talking to a lawyer firm that has problems with using Windows (different versions) and that is interested in using OpenOffice, Linux or both.
  16. DF suggested that OpenSkills members could offer a service to help transition interested parties from proprietary hardware/software to open source.

Action List:

  1. JB to complete the AON forms.
  2. BB to obtain a director's insurance quote from AON.
  3. SG to draft the OpennSkills social event cheat-sheet for further discussions with the committee.
  4. BB to draft the ACS strategy, post it onto the WIKI for further discussions.
  5. JB to add to regular agenda: report of membership numbers, finance report
  6. JB to add to next meeting's agenda: discuss BB's licensing agreement with OpenSkills
  7. SR to prepare a survey form and send out to the mailikng list (brought forward from last meeting).
  8. BB to put together a list of services provided by OpenSkills and the charges, if any, associated with them (brought forward from last meeting).
  9. SR to produce the monthly newsletter to the dev group (brought forward from the last meeting).
  10. BB to put up the Monograma url and address so members, if they wish, could visit them to buy shirts, caps, etc. with the OpenSkills logo.
Next Meeting:
	14th January, 2004

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