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Agenda for Committee meeting 7

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OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		14 October 2003, 7:00 pm
Location:	62/1 Murray St, Pyrmont, Australia
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		Shawn Rogut		(SR)
		Shane MacPhillamy	(SMP)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Barry Weinstein

Agenda (http://wiki.openskills.net:10045/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+7):
1.Agree last minutes
2.COM stuff
3.ORG stuff
4.NET stuff
5.Treasury stuff

Action List from last meeting (20 August 2003):

1.PxB and BB to form sub-committee to discuss the Member Registration System.
To be done.
2.BB to check on liability, if any, of being a co-signer on the account.
Westpac says no liability.
3.BB to ask Westpac about credit card payment system.
Yep.  Refer to Treasury stuff.
4.BB to add new WIKI page for members' benefits.
5.BB to add disclaimer to the identity matrix
To bo done.
6.BB to draft the modified application form

Meeting Summary:
1.All agree with last meeting's minutes

2.Finalized the process for member application.
BB Summarized the new process.  Explained in full on the wiki
PxB stressed that the process is manual currentlym, and need automation around it.

3.A link to the Principia will be added to the Becoming a Member process.
Use the term "Social Contract".

4.Any new member joining the Association will be added to mailing list automatically.
To be reviewed when there are more members or there are more mailing lists.

5.BB showed Committee the SkillsBase system (as it stands).
Committee thinks good progress has been made.

6.Patrick has set up the mail list on the virtual machine.  He and BB have been using it without problems.
Patrick is now working on the backup server (rysnc will be used to syncrhonize the backup periodically).
Once this is done, the current mailing list will be moved over to the new list and the Yahoo group list will be dropped.
Committee expressed their appreciation for Patrick's outstanding efforts.

7.PxB asked if the committee can commend people for outstanding contributions.
BB thinks the committee should have the authority to do so in the SkillsBase, once client commendations are supported.

8.Committee decide to find out what members want from OpenSkills.  A member survey is needed to help determine the products and services the Association should provide.

9.Westpac bank account created for Association.
Online access to the account is pending on some forms to be filled.
Wait for the next committee meeting when the treasurer (DF) is present.

10.Paymate chosen as the mechanism for members to pay their membership fees.
3 members have used it and the money was deposited without problems.

11.BB proposes tthat the Association will pay 2% of all fees collected (except donations) for the licensing of the OpenSkills domain name and trademark.
Committee agrees in principal.
BB to come up with the formal agreement and discuss with Committee at the next meeting.

12..Briefly discussed what, if any, additional fees members should pay to the Association for services provided.  Leads to the question of what services members should expect for their membership fee.
BB to come up with the list and discuss with Committee at the next meeting.

13.SR to be in charge of the Association's monthly newsletter.  BB and SG will help provide information for the newsletter.
Will do this for a couple of months to see the amount of work required and review.

14.Committee minutes (starting from this meeting) will be sent published to the wiki on unaimous approval from all Committee members who attended the meeting.  Meeting minutes will be added to the end of the agenda on the wiki.

Action List:
1.PxB and BB to form sub-committee to discuss the Member Registration System (brought forward from last meeting)
2.BB to add disclaimer to the identify matrix (brought forward from last meeting)
3.BB to link the Principia (to be renamed the Social Contract) to the Becoming a Member page on the wiki.
4.SR to prepare a survey from and send out to mail list.
5.BB to come up with the formal licensing agreement for the OpenSkills trademark and domain name.
6.BB to put together a list of services provided by OpenSkills and the charges, if any, associated with them.
7.SR to produce the monthly newsletter to the dev group.

Next Meeting:
	4th November 2003

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