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Agenda for Committee meeting 40

This meeting will be by Jabber at 21:30 Sydney Time on Sunday 13rd August 2006 in the Jabber committee room: committee@conference.jabber.openskills.org.


Previous Minutes:



Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.


Who's Who?

(21:30:33) bbadger: OK - I declare meeting 40 of the OpenSkills board open
(21:30:42) bbadger: Let's see who's here!
(21:30:46) bbadger: Well, I am!
(21:30:49) lifeless: I claim to be
(21:30:51) jbadger: i am
(21:30:54) dcamp:I am.
(21:30:59) bbadger: Jolly good
(21:31:10) bbadger: The agenda for the meeting is here:
(21:31:18) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+40
(21:31:42) bbadger: First up - Appologies: none posted
(21:32:05) bbadger: Now to the minutes of the last meeting, which you can find here:
(21:32:12) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+39
(21:32:20) bbadger: I propose that the committee accept the minutes of the previous meeting.
(21:32:28) jbadger: second
(21:32:34) bbadger: All in favor?
(21:32:34) bbadger: me
(21:32:36) lifeless: I wasnt' present, abstaining
(21:32:38) dcamp:Aye
(21:32:40) jbadger: aye
(21:32:44) bbadger: OK - passed
(21:32:54) bbadger: Now on to the reports bit
(21:33:06) bbadger: Membership numbers update

  Number of Guests:              241 (233 < 204 < 188 < 178 < 162 < 134 < 120 < 104)
  Number of Subscribers:           8 (  9 <  10 <  10 <  11 <  11 <  11 <   8 <   7)
  Number of Members:              21 ( 22 <  28 <  29 <  29 <  28 <  31 <  31 <  29)
  Total number of accounts:      271 (264 < 242 < 227 < 218 < 201 < 176 < 159 < 140)
  Delta of *total* vs last month:    7 (  22  < 15 <   9 <  17 <  25 <  17 <  19)

(21:33:24) bbadger: So we only have 7 new accounts and we have one less subscriber
(21:33:27) bbadger: Not so good
(21:33:50) bbadger: Total Number of accounts with a noted membership date: 40 (Unchanged)

This is the number of people who have been a member at some point, but who may be out of status at the moment.
(21:34:18) bbadger: Domain names & trademarks agreement
(21:34:28) bbadger: No progress to my knowledge. I've tried to provoke discission on the OpenSkills-dev list, but Justina and I have not gained any information there that would allow us to modify our poroposed agreement to make it more acceptable.
(21:34:49) bbadger: Did I miss anything on this?
(21:35:00) dcamp:Nothing from me - sorry.
(21:35:03) lifeless: I dont think so
(21:35:05) bbadger: OK - no worries
(21:35:09) bbadger: Member Management System: mms.openskills.org

The MMS has been running smoothly.
(21:35:13) lifeless: I think we need a checklist for that TBH
(21:35:18) lifeless: (the agreement)
(21:35:40) bbadger: TBH?
(21:35:45) lifeless: to be honest
(21:35:48) lifeless: mild emphasis
(21:35:49) bbadger: Ah :-)
(21:36:13) bbadger: Well, what's there is wat we propose and so meets our checklist
(21:36:28) bbadger: If someone has some other checks, please post them to the dev list so all can see them
(21:36:37) dcamp:What sort of checklist?
(21:36:56) lifeless: one for the committee - just saying from each member what needs to be done for them to vote aye.
(21:37:07) lifeless: then its just a matter (heh) of running through the list.
(21:37:12) lifeless: anyway, lets finish the meeting first
(21:37:29) bbadger: OK - I'll post a request for that list to the dev list right after the meeting
(21:37:34) bbadger: on with the reports
(21:37:34) lifeless: allow me
(21:37:47) bbadger: Oh - OK - your action Rob
(21:37:55) bbadger: Member Management System: mms.openskills.org

The MMS has been running smoothly.
(21:38:05) bbadger: SkillsBase: skillsbase.openskills.org

The SkillsBase has stopped two times this month. The DBMS reported a problem writing to the disk. I rebooted the host after the second instance and things have been stable since.
(21:38:19) bbadger: Effort Tracking system: efforttrack.openskills.org

No progress on this. It is a lower priority than the LDAP work and adding locations and certification intot the SkillsBase system.
(21:38:31) bbadger: Mail List Server: lists.openskills.org

Running smoothly. c.f. mail server support.
(21:38:41) bbadger: Request Tracker: rt.openskills.org

No progress reported for this month.
(21:38:50) bbadger: Wiki: wiki.openskills.org

Running smoothly.
(21:39:02) bbadger: Jabber: jabber.openskills.org

Running smoothly. Work on getting LDAP access for the jabber server to authenticate against is under way, but slowed because Bruce has been spending time on the OpenSkills governance issue and the year end accounts.
(21:39:17) bbadger: Mail: smtp.openskills.org

Running smoothly. Barry Weinstein is working on this now and is spending time to understand the configuration of the servers established by Anand Kumria. Once Barry is comfortable that he understands how the servers work he'll bring all the packages up to date (not done for several months) and we should be in a stable state.
(21:39:35) bbadger: Voting: (no server yet)

No news on this. Nick is expected to post on this to the OpenSkills-dev list.
(21:39:48) bbadger: That's the services
(21:39:53) bbadger: Marketing & Promotion

The people who expressed an interest in re-working the design of the OpenSkills web presence ended up not pursuing this, and so this work will not be done by them. I proposed a competition to design the new OpenSkills look, but this came in for some crtisism on Wednesday at the Sydney Social Evening. I'll shelve that idea until the governance issues are sorted out.
(21:40:14) lifeless: uhm
(21:40:19) bbadger: And now the money situation
(21:40:27) bbadger: Financial Report

From bank statement 36 ..

Income: Membership Fees         AUD   38.94
Expenses:                       AUD    4.00
Net                             AUD   34.94
Balance                         AUD 1553.46
(21:40:29) lifeless: if mine was the only criticsm, please dont shelve the idea
(21:40:44) bbadger: lifeless: it wasn't
(21:40:59) bbadger: OK - so that's all the summaries
(21:41:12) bbadger: Now any other business
(21:41:15) bbadger: And I have one
(21:41:19) bbadger: Quite important
(21:41:34) bbadger: I received some documentation about the 2006 year end. One point that was mentioned was that we as a board need to make a declaration that OpenSkills is solvent (i.e. can pay it's debts). I asked the accountant about this last week and after a bit of too and fro was told:

"As to the solvency resolution, Openskills Limited has to pass a solvency resolution within 2 months of the review date, ie before 7 September 2006, to state that the directors believe that the company will be able to pay its debts when they become due. We can prepare the document without any charge."
(21:41:56) bbadger: Sorry this was not in the minutes - I got the message very recently. I think we need to agree in this meeting to make the resolution and then I can get the document and send it around to get signed (if the minutes of the meeting are no enough).
(21:42:05) lifeless: aye
(21:42:10) jbadger: yes
(21:42:11) dcamp:aye
(21:42:18) bbadger: So, would someone like to propose that we declare that we as a board beleive that OpenSkills will be able to pay it's debts when they bevome due?
(21:42:29) bbadger: Right so lets say that was proposed by lifeless
(21:42:34) bbadger: Seconded by jbadger
(21:42:45) bbadger: And all voted in favor
(21:42:46) bbadger: OK?
(21:42:50) dcamp:Ok
(21:42:53) jbadger: ok
(21:43:01) bbadger: Super
(21:43:02) lifeless: yok
(21:43:09) bbadger: Any other other business?
(21:43:23) bbadger: OK - last thing
(21:43:25) bbadger: I propose that the date of the next committee meeting be Sunday 17th Sept 2006 @ 21:30 Sydney time via Jabber.
(21:43:31) lifeless: ok
(21:43:37) bbadger: all in favor?
(21:43:38) bbadger: me
(21:43:40) dcamp:aye
(21:43:43) jbadger: me
(21:43:49) bbadger: done
(21:43:53) bbadger: Last call for other business
(21:44:01) bbadger: ...
(21:44:17) jbadger: Wed 13th is still the AGM?
(21:44:18) bbadger: OK - I declare the formal part of board meeting 40 closed
(21:44:24) bbadger: Darn
(21:44:32) bbadger: Um - let me see
(21:45:58) bbadger: The message I sent on 30 said 12th Sept
(21:46:12) bbadger: But I said it was a Wednesday - doh!
(21:46:20) bbadger: So that'll be the 13th
(21:46:35) bbadger: Is that OK as a date to aim for?
(21:46:41) lifeless: ysure
(21:46:46) jbadger: yep
(21:46:53) bbadger: OK then
(21:47:09) bbadger: OK - I really declare the formal part of board meeting 40 closed

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