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Agenda for Committee meeting 39

This meeting will be by Jabber at 21:30 Sydney Time on Sunday 16th July 2006 in the Jabber committee room is committee@conference.jabber.openskills.org

Adjourned to 21:30 Sydney Time on Sunday 23rd July 2006 in the Jabber committee room is committee@conference.jabber.openskills.org


Douglas Camp -- travelling on vacation, internet access is uncertain -- will try.

Previous Minutes:



Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.


(21:31:20) bbadger: Right. Let me declare the meeting open
(21:31:34) bbadger: The agenda for the meeting is here:
(21:31:44) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+39
(21:32:12) bbadger: First thing on the agenda is to approve the minutes of the last meeting
(21:32:15) bbadger: here:
(21:32:21) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+38
(21:32:25) bbadger: Any proposers?
(21:32:36) jbadger: I propose we accept
(21:32:43) bbadger: seconded
(21:32:47) bbadger: all in favor>
(21:32:48) bbadger: ?
(21:32:52) bbadger: me
(21:32:58) jbadger: yes
(21:33:10) bbadger: Ashley?
(21:33:13) didymo: yes
(21:33:27) bbadger: OK - thanks. That is passed, then
(21:33:37) didymo: Bruce 3 is that a corum (spelling?)
(21:33:51) bbadger: I think it's quorum
(21:34:10) bbadger: ... and yes, it;s 3 for us
(21:34:17) bbadger: On to the reports ...
(21:34:47) bbadger: Membership numbers:
(21:34:59) bbadger:

  Number of Guests:              233 (204 < 188 < 178 < 162 < 134 < 120 < 104)
  Number of Subscribers:           9 ( 10 <  10 <  11 <  11 <  11 <   8 <   7)
  Number of Members:              22 ( 28 <  29 <  29 <  28 <  31 <  31 <  29)
  Total number of accounts:      264 (242 < 227 < 218 < 201 < 176 < 159 < 140)
  Delta of *total* vs last month:   22   (15 <   9 <  17 <  25 <  17 <  19)

(21:35:13) bbadger: So we have 22 new accounts
(21:35:23) bbadger: but less subscribers and members
(21:35:45) bbadger: This is due to a change in the MMS which has just sent out the very first ever reminders to founders
(21:35:59) didymo: :(
(21:36:03) bbadger: ... and started to downgrade founder accounts if they've not paid
(21:36:31) bbadger: The good new is the upward trend for the accounts - we just need to add the services to encourage people to subscribe
(21:36:48) bbadger: ... and to get people to use the existing services more
(21:37:13) bbadger: The total Number of accounts with a noted membership date: 40
(21:37:18) bbadger: This is unchanged
(21:37:33) bbadger: Domain names & trademarks agreement

There has been a significant amount of activity regarding the agreement under which the association will use the OpenSkills trade mark and domain names. Off-list (i.e. not on the committee list or the openskills-dev list) discussions were held among all board members excluding Bruce and Justina, the thinking being that Bruce and Justina should not be included because of a conflict of interests (i.e. Bruce and Justina own the OpenSkills trade mark and domain names). As I (Bruce) was not included in the discussions, I can't report on what was discussed, but I can report that out of the discussions we have two issues raised on the committee list, and unfortunately, the resignation of one board member, Anand Kumria.
(21:38:02) bbadger: I think there needs to be some discussion about this on the lists, now.
(21:38:23) bbadger: And indeed from here, we now appear to be clear to discuss the arangement openly on the committee list or the openskills-dev list.
(21:38:26) didymo: Anands' resignation?
(21:38:42) bbadger: No, the domain name & trademarks
(21:38:54) didymo: thanks
(21:38:56) bbadger: OK - onto the systems
(21:39:07) bbadger: Member Management System: mms.openskills.org

The MMS has been running smoothly except for a break in the service to install version 2 039 which adds in the ability for people to stop delivery of the regular account status reports altogether. There is also an issue with setting passwords where certaing special characters cause the password to be truncated before it is hashed - a fix for this is in the works.
(21:39:31) bbadger: SkillsBase: skillsbase.openskills.org

The SkillsBase has been running smoothly.
(21:39:44) bbadger: Effort Tracking system: efforttrack.openskills.org

Anand Kumria has resigned from this project. Bruce will pick this one up.
(21:40:01) bbadger: Mail List Server: lists.openskills.org

Running smoothly. Anand Kumria has resigned as the admin for this service. This role has been picked up by Barry Weinstein.
(21:40:13) bbadger: Request Tracker: rt.openskills.org

No progress reported for this month.
(21:40:23) bbadger: Wiki: wiki.openskills.org

Running smoothly.
(21:40:35) bbadger: Jabber: jabber.openskills.org

Running smoothly. Work on getting LDAP access for the jabber server to authenticate against is under way.
(21:41:07) bbadger: Mail: smtp.openskills.org

Running smoothly. Anand Kumria has resigned as the admin for this service. Barry Weinstein has picked up reponsibility for this. Anand has provided some notes to help Barry get going. Thanks to Anand for this.
(21:41:16) bbadger: Voting: (no server yet)

Nick Jefferson has expressed interest in developing a voting system for OpenSkills. This is very early days for the project. Nick is just working out the requirements.
(21:41:29) bbadger: Marketing & Promotion

Bruce has been talking to one of the bidders for the web-presence work and will probably be asking them to produce some art work for the next version of the OpenSkills web pages. We'd like to see this work presented at the next (Aug) OpenSkills social evening.
(21:42:11) bbadger: It's not looking good for this, though. The people who expressed an interest have not come up with a firm proposal and I think this may fall through.
(21:42:24) bbadger: That's all the systems
(21:42:29) bbadger: Now for the money!
(21:42:40) bbadger: Financial Report

From bank statement 35 ..

Income: Membership Fees         AUD   59.47
Income: Other (e.g  interest)	AUD    2.09
Expenses:                       AUD    4.00
Net                             AUD   57.56
Balance                         AUD 1518.52

(21:43:09) bbadger: The income is mostly from founder members making their first renewal payments.
(21:43:24) bbadger: OK - that concludes the reports.
(21:43:49) bbadger: The only thing left for the formal part is setting the date of the next meeting.
(21:44:05) bbadger: I propose the Sunday following the next social evening at the same time
(21:44:38) bbadger: So that's 21:00 Sydney time on Sunday Aug 13th
(21:44:46) bbadger: Seconded by anyone?
(21:44:52) jbadger: seconded
(21:44:55) didymo: yup
(21:44:55) bbadger: Thanks
(21:44:59) bbadger: All in favor>
(21:45:00) bbadger: ?
(21:45:01) bbadger: me
(21:45:07) jbadger: yep
(21:45:12) didymo: yup
(21:45:16) bbadger: Thanks :-)
(21:45:26) bbadger: Any other business for this meeting?
(21:45:28) bbadger: ...
(21:45:43) didymo: though I always thought you made them 9.30pm EAST for Doug?
(21:46:12) bbadger: Well that's part of the reason - the complete reason is finding a time that's OK for everyone.
(21:46:30) bbadger: Any other business?
(21:46:32) bbadger: ...
(21:46:40) jbadger: none from me
(21:46:44) didymo: tick tock tick tock
(21:46:53) bbadger: OK - I declare the meeting closed

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