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Agenda for Committee meeting 38

Meeting was adAdjourned - no Internet access was available at the Cohi Bar. The meeting will reconvene as below.

This meeting will be by Jabber at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wednesday 14th June 2006 21:30 Sydney Time on Sunday 25th June 2006 venue: The Cohi Bar upstairs room (see map).

The Jabber committee room is committee@conference.jabber.openskills.org


Previous Minutes:



Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.


(21:30:33) bbadger: OK, time to get started. I declare the meeting open. Lets start with that roll-call. Just say "here" if you are indeed here.
(21:30:40) dave: dave here
(21:30:46) jbadger: jb here
(21:31:07) dcamp:doug here
(21:31:20) bbadger: While that's happening, we have apologies from Anand and Rob
(21:31:39) bbadger: So Ashley seems to have wandered off
(21:31:47) bbadger: On with the show
(21:32:03) bbadger: The first thing is the last minutes.
(21:32:07) bbadger: They are here:
(21:32:16) bbadger: Agenda for Committee meeting 37
(21:32:28) bbadger: Would someone like to propose that we accept the last minutes?
(21:32:49) bbadger: Don't all rush at once :-)
(21:32:56) dave: I cant as was not there
(21:33:08) dcamp:Neither was I.
(21:33:09) bbadger: ok
(21:33:12) jbadger: propose
(21:33:22) bbadger: OK, well I'll second it
(21:33:31) bbadger: All in favor?
(21:33:33) bbadger: me
(21:33:37) dave: me
(21:33:38) dcamp:yes
(21:33:38) jbadger: yep
(21:33:42) bbadger: OK - passed
(21:33:55) bbadger: Now I'll go through my report
(21:34:05) bbadger: Membership numbers update

  Number of Guests:              204 (188 < 178 < 162 < 134 < 120 < 104)
  Number of Subscribers:          10 ( 10 <  11 <  11 <  11 <   8 <   7)
  Number of Members:              28 ( 29 <  29 <  28 <  31 <  31 <  29)
  Total number of accounts:      242 (227 < 218 < 201 < 176 < 159 < 140)
  Delta of *total* vs last month:   15   ( 9 <  17 <  25 <  17 <  19) 

(21:34:18) bbadger: So 15 more people as at the time I wrote the report
(21:34:29) bbadger: The number hit 250 last night, though
(21:34:41) bbadger: A spurt happened in the last few days
(21:34:52) bbadger: Mostly from Japan, by the looks
(21:35:04) bbadger: Total Number of accounts with a noted membership date: 40 (Unchanged)

(This later shows the number of people who have been a member at some point, but who may be out of status at the moment.)
(21:35:10) bbadger: No new members, though
(21:35:28) bbadger: Now onto progress on various projects & actions
(21:35:40) bbadger: Domain names & trademarks agreement

No progress has been reported on this. Still no discussion appears to have taken place on the subject. I've proposed that this be voted on at this meeting
(21:36:09) dave: Do we have a corum?
(21:36:09) bbadger: There has been some recent discussion on this, but no issues or alternatives
(21:36:20) bbadger: not without Ashley for that item
(21:36:30) bbadger: We're not up to the vote quite yet
(21:36:47) bbadger: Member Management System: mms.openskills.org

The MMS has been running smoothly, but the physical host was rebooted late last week which caused an break in service.
(21:37:01) bbadger: SkillsBase: skillsbase.openskills.org

The SkillsBase has been running smoothly except for the same reboot as for the MMS. Much time has been taken this month working on Hyper, the HTTP server we use in the MMS and SkillsBase. The talk I did at Smalltalk Solutions let to quite a bit of interest in Hyper and some of the other things we (Justina and I) have developed for OpenSkills. Hopefully more use of Hyper will contribute to its abilities, and make our systems even better.
(21:37:35) bbadger: ... and now I'm working on the LDAP server as a result of StS discussions too
(21:37:47) bbadger: Effort Tracking system: efforttrack.openskills.org

I understand work is on-going, but no specific reports of progress.
(21:37:56) bbadger: Mail List Server: lists.openskills.org

Running smoothly.
(21:38:05) bbadger: Request Tracker: rt.openskills.org

Billy has migrated trac to use PostgreSQL and anticipates that he will be announcing the service in the next few weeks.
(21:38:14) bbadger: I'm looking forward to seeing that going
(21:38:24) bbadger: Wiki: wiki.openskills.org

Running smoothly.
(21:38:32) bbadger: Jabber: jabber.openskills.org

Running smoothly. Work on getting LDAP access for the jabber server to authenticate against is under way.
(21:38:40) bbadger: Mail: smtp.openskills.org

Running smoothly.

(21:39:05) bbadger: Now, a brief summary of the things that have happened re marketing and promotion
(21:39:15) bbadger: Marketing & Promotion

I've taken on a client who needs 2 or 4 days of my time each week. This coincides with Stephan Vissers getting a job that takes him up to Darwin. For this reason the web-presence project is on hold.

I plan to use some of the dollars I'm getting by doing non-OpenSkills work to fund some things, and the web presence is one of them. Given that this will be my $$$ I'll nominate someone to work with - it'll be one of the people who responded to our web presence request for interest. Also, I'll see if I can get someone to help with the screen casts - the prototype drew some very positive feedback.

(21:39:17) jbadger: is barry doing the ldap work on jabber?
(21:39:23) bbadger: yes
(21:39:47) bbadger: Once I have the LDAP service running in the MMS, Barry with do auth from the Jabber server using it
(21:39:54) bbadger: He's waiting for me on that
(21:40:28) bbadger: On the marketing and promotion, I'm hoping to have a tri-fold brochure put together too
(21:40:48) jbadger: re: ldap service... this will also be used by skillsbase?
(21:41:07) bbadger: Possibly - right now that does auth against the MMS anyway
(21:41:12) bbadger: ... using SQL
(21:41:22) bbadger: But I guess it should use LDAP eventually
(21:41:48) bbadger: Not really something we need at the moment - jabber is broken and needs it. The SkillsBase is OK
(21:41:59) bbadger: On the the financial report ...
(21:42:09) bbadger: Financial Report

The type of account we hold with WestPac has been called a "Society Cheque Account", but is know called a "Community Solutions Cheque Account". No change in fees as far as I can see, but they now offer some training, e.g. "Beyond Survival" - a hands on workshop ... access to experts who know how to run organisations effectively. I'll look into that.
(21:42:32) bbadger: I may even go along to the course :-)
(21:42:48) bbadger: The $$$ numbers:
(21:42:50) bbadger: From bank statement 34 ..

Income: Membership Fees         AUD  105.27
Expenses:                       AUD    4.00
Net                             AUD  101.27
Balance                         AUD 1460.96

(21:43:08) bbadger: So, a number of people renewing their subscriptions
(21:43:17) bbadger: OK - that's the report
(21:43:26) bbadger: Any questions about any of that?
(21:43:31) dave: no
(21:43:38) dcamp:Good stuff, no questions.
(21:43:59) bbadger: OK - we have two remaining proposals on the agenda
(21:44:33) bbadger: The first is the Trademarks and Domain names proposal. I'll post it here, but there are not enough people here to vote on it
(21:44:45) bbadger: ... unless Ashley has turned up now
(21:44:52) bbadger: didymo: Ashley, you here?
(21:45:03) bbadger: OK - here it is, anyway
(21:45:12) bbadger: PROPOSED: That the agreement between OpenSkills and Bruce Badger regarding the use of the OpenSkills domain names and trademark shall be as expressed in a posting to the OpenSkills-dev list (tinyurl.com/j2ftd) the key part of which is: the association pay a license fee of 2% of all non-donation income for the use of the OpenSkills trademark and the OpenSkills.org and OpenSkills.net domain names. As part of the agreement we would require that the association constitution and social contract are not changed. Changing the constitution would be possible, but would require a re-negotiation of the licensing agreement.
(21:45:39) bbadger: Given that we are not quorate for this, I think I'll withdraw this item
(21:45:49) bbadger: OK with everyone?
(21:45:56) dcamp: Yes.
(21:45:59) jbadger: yes
(21:46:04) dave: ok
(21:46:20) bbadger: Bummer
(21:46:25) bbadger: Oh well
(21:46:35) bbadger: That just leaves the date of the next meeting:
(21:46:37) bbadger: PROPOSED: That the date of the next meeting be Wednesday 12th July 2006 via Jabber. Board members are invited to attend the Cohi Bar in person.
(21:46:55) bbadger: In fact, I think we should have this on the Sunday after that wed
(21:46:55) jbadger: i thought we don't have wifi there anymore?
(21:47:05) bbadger: yeah - exactly
(21:47:10) bbadger: Is this time OK for everyone?
(21:47:33) bbadger: So lets say Sun 16th at the same time?
(21:47:44) bbadger: I propose that - seconders?
(21:47:53) dave: Ok
(21:47:53) dcamp: Second.
(21:48:01) bbadger: All in favor?
(21:48:02) bbadger: me
(21:48:05) dcamp:me
(21:48:06) dave: me
(21:48:23) jbadger: in the committee email list, we mentioned there will be a 2-week delay in the voting of the proposal that you just withdrawn
(21:48:41) jbadger: does this mean we meet again in 2 weeks (9th July) to vote?
(21:48:42) bbadger: OK - we can get back to that
(21:48:51) bbadger: Is the time for the next meeting OK for you?
(21:48:54) jbadger: then, meet for the committee meeting the week after (16th July)
(21:49:00) bbadger: Oh, I see
(21:49:08) jbadger: time for next meeting is ok, but just want to see where the 9th fit in
(21:49:34) bbadger: Oh - that didn;t get enough people express an interest - tonight was it (morning for Doug)
(21:49:51) bbadger: So is the 16th OK for you?
(21:49:55) jbadger: yes
(21:49:57) dcamp:I think delaying that vote till the next committee meeting (16th) is fine.
(21:49:58) bbadger: passed
(21:50:08) bbadger: OK - any other matters for the board meeting?
(21:50:20) bbadger: ...
(21:50:31) dave: nope
(21:50:36) bbadger: In that case, I declare the meeting closed

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