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Agenda for Committee meeting 37

This meeting will be by Jabber at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wednesday 10th May 2006 venue: The Cohi Bar (upstairs room).


Previous Minutes:



Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.


(18:10:22) bbadger: I declare the meeting open. We'll be working through the agenda here:
(18:10:29) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+37
(18:10:30) didymo: fellow committe members Good Morning
(18:10:37) didymo: for the record
(18:10:43) bbadger: So, the first thing in the minutes of the last meeting:
(18:10:49) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.org/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+36
(18:10:56) bbadger: I propose that the mintes of the previous meeting be accepted. Secondeders?
(18:11:01) didymo: yep
(18:11:10) bbadger: Anyone against?
(18:11:13) bbadger: ...
(18:11:24) bbadger: OK carried
(18:11:35) bbadger: Now for the reports. I sent the text of the report to the committee list yesterday (well, yesterday from where I'm sitting).
(18:11:43) bbadger: If you would like to add something to any of the points, please interject.
(18:12:04) bbadger:

 Membership numbers update

      Number of Guests:               188 (178 < 162 < 134 < 120 < 104)
      Number of Subscribers:           10 ( 11 <  11 <  11 <   8 <   7)
      Number of Members:               29 ( 29 <  28 <  31 <  31 <  29)
      Total number of accounts:       227 (218 < 201 < 176 < 159 < 140)
      Delta of *total* vs last month:       9 (17 < 25 <  17 <  19)

Total Number of accounts with a noted membership date: 40

(This later shows the number of people who have been a member at some
point, but who may be out of status at the moment.)


(18:12:13) bbadger: Not so good this month
(18:12:18) bbadger: Only 9 new accounts
(18:12:47) wildfire: one odd thing is that you have 40 members with a noted membership date
(18:12:52) wildfire: yet last month there were 39
(18:13:02) bbadger: Yes, we have one new member
(18:13:04) wildfire: but the sum of subscribers+members has gone down
(18:13:43) bbadger: The noted membership date is like the American Express "member since" date. That one never goes down and includes out-of-status people
(18:13:59) wildfire: "peak membership number" then
(18:14:07) bbadger: The "Number of Members" is the current number of in-status members
(18:14:17) bbadger: wildfire: Yeah, I guess
(18:14:37) wildfire: okay
(18:14:41) bbadger: Any other comments on this?
(18:14:51) bbadger: OK
(18:14:54) bbadger: Domain names & trademarks agreement

No progress has been reported on this. No dscussion appears to have taken place on the subject.
(18:15:10) didymo: Mrs. Badger is sharing my link from now on
(18:15:20) bbadger: OK - Hi Small Wife!
(18:15:37) didymo: with large smile
(18:15:41) bbadger: :-)
(18:15:44) bbadger: Next item
(18:15:53) bbadger: Member Management System: mms.openskills.org

The MMS has been running smoothly.
(18:16:10) bbadger: next
(18:16:14) bbadger: SkillsBase: skillsbase.openskills.org

The SkillsBase has been running smoothly except for an outage of several hours caused by a broken connection to the PostgreSQL database used for authentication.
(18:16:36) bbadger: next
(18:16:37) wildfire: do we know why the connection was dropped?
(18:16:56) bbadger: Ah - no I don't. I suspect maintenance at the hosting end.
(18:17:07) bbadger: They did bounce the wiki box at one point too
(18:17:19) bbadger: Being away, I may have missed something
(18:17:32) bbadger: OK?
(18:17:40) bbadger: Effort Tracking system: efforttrack.openskills.org

Work has been (re)started working on the efforttracking system: - using mainline django (which will be 0.95 in the next few days) - looking at putting up a version for limited evaluation sometime next week - issues with authentication (may require another view) and storing the data (requires another postgresql database) which have not been looked at in detail
(18:18:13) bbadger: next
(18:18:15) bbadger: Mail List Server: lists.openskills.org

Running smoothly on the whole.
(18:18:28) bbadger: ... in fact running smothly full stop AFAIK
(18:18:49) bbadger: next
(18:18:51) bbadger: Request Tracker: rt.openskills.org

The trac system is continuing to be used lightly. Billy anticipates that the migration to a PostgreSQL backend will happen in the near future. It is anticipated that we will be able to announce general availability of trac once the migration has happened.
(18:19:05) bbadger: Billy gave a talk on Trac to the ACS FOSS SIG
(18:19:35) didymo: with a very large crowd in attendance
(18:19:40) bbadger: I'm hoping he'll do the same talk at SLUG so I get to see it
(18:19:44) bbadger: Ah, great!
(18:19:50) bbadger: next
(18:20:06) bbadger: Wiki: wiki.openskills.org

Running smoothly. Stephan Vissers has again been busy updating the pages in the wiki.
(18:20:15) bbadger: Which is a lie - because the machine bounced
(18:20:32) bbadger: ... Stephan pointed it out and I restarted the service
(18:20:42) wildfire: re: skillsbase and wiki outages, I think we should be looking to setup some kind of monitoring system so we aren't relying on users pointing out failures
(18:20:51) wildfire: but we can discuss the mechanics some other time
(18:21:09) tuppa entered the room.
(18:21:19) bbadger: Indeed - the hope is that hosting with Solutions First will help address this
(18:21:23) tuppa: I'm here to heckl^Wlurk
(18:21:47) bbadger: Hey - look but don't speak - you'll be in the minutes. You naughty boy.
(18:22:11) bbadger: You are most welcome to listen in, though :-)
(18:22:19) bbadger: Jabber: jabber.openskills.org

Running smoothly. At a meeting with Barry during the dev-con trip we decided how we'd go about managing Jabber accounts for OpenSkills account holders. The first step is MMS related, and this will then allow Barry to get the Jabber server running as we want.
(18:22:37) bbadger: next
(18:22:48) bbadger: Mail: smtp.openskills.org

Running smoothly.
(18:22:56) bbadger: And that's all the system reports
(18:22:57) wildfire: does that mean that login@jabber.openskills.org will work in future?
(18:23:04) bbadger: yes
(18:23:14) wildfire: okay
(18:23:17) bbadger: In the nearish future, I hope
(18:23:31) bbadger: On the the marketing and promotion bit
(18:23:43) bbadger: Marketing & Promotion

We have received some good feedback about the example screen cast, but it seems that we really need to produce the screencasts in the SWF (Shockwave format) as players exist on almost all web browsers, and use of the format is increasing. The FSF is developing an SWF player, for example. It would be better to use an open standard (e.g. ogg theora), but given that the whole point of the screen casts is to reach out to the largest possible audience, we must go with the flow.
(18:24:01) bbadger: wildfire: Just as you suggested
(18:24:21) bbadger: The DevCon 06 pin (badge) has gone down very will with those that have received one so far. These will hit the Sydney streets at the June Sydney social evening.
(18:24:36) bbadger: But Justina may have some on here
(18:24:37) wildfire: and presumably be available for all those in Europe tomorrow?
(18:24:38) bbadger: her
(18:24:46) bbadger: If I can get into town, yes
(18:24:55) bbadger: Looks good, BTW
(18:25:27) wildfire: okay, I've got something to add on marketing but i'll wait until the formal meeting is over
(18:25:53) bbadger: OK, that's all on the marketing and promotion. It's perhaps worth mentioning that the marketing report produced by Caroline may be the subject of some discussion at the Social evening
(18:26:18) tuppa: Justina told me to type something
(18:26:23) tuppa: it's not my fault!
(18:26:28) bbadger: Grief
(18:26:33) tuppa: Ashley's off the air
(18:26:37) bbadger: OK
(18:26:50) didymo left the room (Disconnected).
(18:27:08) bbadger: Anyway, here is the financial report containing the correction after Justina's comment
(18:27:10) didymo entered the room.
(18:27:13) bbadger:

Financial Report

From bank statement 33 ..

Income: Membership Fees         AUD   40.00
Expenses:                       AUD    4.00
Net                             AUD   36.00
Balance                         AUD 1359.69  

(18:27:19) didymo: back
(18:27:23) bbadger: Welcome
(18:27:24) didymo: sorry about that
(18:27:25) bbadger: k
(18:27:34) bbadger: So, that concludes the reports
(18:27:45) didymo: Bruce don't know abuot my log of the meeting may need to rely on yuors due to outage
(18:27:53) bbadger: OK - no worries
(18:28:23) bbadger: I guess all we need to do now is agree on the date of the next meeting
(18:28:30) wildfire: okay, on the expenses side - have there been any further discussions with solutions first about pricing of VMs and such?
(18:28:37) wildfire: opps, formal part still going on
(18:28:47) bbadger: Nearly done
(18:28:49) bbadger: PROPOSED: That the date of the next meeting be Wednesday 14th May 2006 via Jabber. Board members are invited to attend the Cohi Bar in person.
(18:28:53) didymo: 14th June??
(18:29:02) bbadger: Oh, yes
(18:29:06) bbadger: That would be better
(18:29:14) bbadger: Let me edit the wiki and try agin
(18:29:15) wildfire: any reason for jabber this time?
(18:29:16) didymo: why jabber??
(18:29:46) bbadger: Well, it's worked OK and it gives people who can't make it along
(18:29:48) bbadger: ... a chance
(18:29:54) bbadger: Like Doug
(18:30:21) didymo: G'day Doug
(18:30:26) didymo: virtually speaking
(18:30:30) bbadger: But we can discuss this on the list
(18:31:04) bbadger: so
(18:31:06) bbadger: PROPOSED: That the date of the next meeting be Wednesday 14th June 2006 via Jabber. Board members are invited to attend the Cohi Bar in person.
(18:31:15) didymo: seconded
(18:31:18) bbadger: but the nature of the meeting may change subject to discussion
(18:31:24) bbadger: any against?
(18:31:28) wildfire: nope
(18:31:29) bbadger: ...
(18:31:29) didymo: is that an amendment?
(18:31:48) bbadger: We can always amend the meeting details - I thing the date is the key thing
(18:31:55) didymo: K
(18:32:00) bbadger: OK - passed
(18:32:10) bbadger: Any other business for the board meeting?
(18:32:12) bbadger: ...
(18:32:19) wildfire: okay, three things:
(18:32:29) didymo: 1
(18:32:56) wildfire: a. marketing and promotion: seeing how poor the candidate selection system is over here, I'd like to go about encouraging more people in the UK to signup
(18:33:30) wildfire: I think it'd be useful to ruminate over providing anyone who registers with a +44 phone number for a limited time subscriber status as a driver to higher adoption
(18:33:34) didymo: "poor the candidature selection system"???
(18:34:14) wildfire: I'm aware that there (quite likely) technical issues, but it is something we need to agree upon in principle
(18:34:20) bbadger: ok
(18:34:24) wildfire: obviously, i'm not expecting a decision at this time
(18:34:42) bbadger: Right, these will need to be discussed on the list - will you lead that discussion?
(18:35:20) wildfire: on the committee list, yes
(18:35:23) bbadger: k
(18:35:36) wildfire: but I wanted to see if there was anything immediate that people had concerns with
(18:35:51) bbadger: Not I at this point
(18:36:32) wildfire: b. whilst I'm sure everyone is busy; we really need to have these things start on time or not at all
(18:36:45) didymo: would need to see a more full proposal before commenting
(18:37:01) bbadger: wildfire: My fault. Point noted
(18:37:02) wildfire: also, committee members who haven't attended a meeting in a while should be encouraged to leave
(18:37:29) bbadger: I think that's one for the committee list too
(18:37:38) didymo: Doug is in the US, a bit difficult
(18:37:51) wildfire: and we have a vacancy in the committee (due to Patrick's resignation) - perhaps we should consider appointing someone
(18:38:09) bbadger: Good point
(18:38:13) wildfire: didymo: well, not to pick on Doug but have you ever heard from him?
(18:38:27) didymo: why appoin for a short period of time
(18:38:45) bbadger: I think the discussion needs to happen on the list, chaps
(18:38:51) didymo: Doug: no never, I do recall him attending at least one on line meeting
(18:39:27) bbadger: Is that b done, Anand?
(18:39:34) wildfire: here is one problem with jabber, we could have a rough consensus in person before this was brought onto the list, whereas here all I can do is throw out comments/ideas
(18:39:36) wildfire: yes
(18:39:57) wildfire: c. any progress for Virtual Machine instances with solutions first?
(18:40:22) bbadger: I can answer that now briefly. No. I'll get on it when I return.
(18:40:35) bbadger: I'll post detail to the list(s)
(18:40:36) wildfire: okay, well that's it from me
(18:40:49) bbadger: OK - thanks. All good points IMO.
(18:41:00) bbadger: Any other points for the board meeting?
(18:41:06) bbadger: ...
(18:41:16) bbadger: OK - I declare the meeting closed

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