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Agenda for Committee meeting 35

The meeting will start at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wednesday 8th March 2006 venue: The Cohi Bar (upstairs room).




Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:          8th March 2006
Location:      James Squire Brewhouse
                Sydney, Australia

                Bruce Badger            (BB)
                David Falvey            (DF)
                Ashley Maher            (AM)
                Justina Badger          (JB)

                Doug Camp
                Rob Collins

                Anand Kumira            (AK)


1. BB declared meeting open at 6:15 pm.

2. BB proposed that the committee agree the minutes of the previous 
meting.  AM seconded.  All present in favour.

3. Membership numbers update

       Number of Guests:         162 (134 <- 120 <- 104)
       Number of Subscribers:     11 ( 11 <- 8   <- 7)
       Number of Members:         28 ( 31 <- 31  <- 29)
       Total number of accounts: 201 (176 <- 159 <- 140)
       Delta vs last month:       25 ( 17 <-  19)

Total Number of accounts with a noted membership date: 38 (unchanged)

(This later shows the number of people who have been a member at some 
point, but who may be out of status at the moment.)

AK responded to committee list that the above numbers are hard to 
understand and suggested to report the last 2 months' numbers and their 
delta instead.

BB will bear that in mind in the next update.

4. Domain names & trademarks agreement
The agreement needs to be discussed more widely, and perhaps be linked
to the state of the constitution and social contract.

DF to post on dev-list re: discussion of domain names & trademarks agreement

5. Contracts, SOW & NDA
No progress from last committee meeting.

6. Member Management System:  mms.openskills.org
The system crashed when it received the entire text of a spam email 
(headers, everything) as an email address.  Someone had just pasted that 
text into the email field on the MMS Join Us page.  The email address 
validation has been beefed up to make sure addresses conform to the 
RFCs.  Other than that, the system has been stable in production.

7. SkillsBase:  skillsbase.openskills.org
No production problems.

The work on experience factors (e.g. for part time engagements, or
partial use of a particular skill on an engagement) is now working in
development.  This, together with the availability and contact URL 
should be in production within a week or so.

8. Effort Tracking system: efforttrack.openskills.org
The server hosting the effort tracking system ran into problems that 
meant it had to be re-built ... twice.  Thus the time this month was 
spent on operational issues, rather than system development.

9. Mail List Server:  lists.openskills.org
Running smoothly.

10. Request Tracker: rt.openskills.org
Billy has selected Trac as the request tracking system, and has 
announced the initial service to the list.  Several tickets have already
been submitted.
JB asked about the database at the backend.
SQL-lite is used currently and is included in the routine back up. 
Billy might consider moving to PostgreSQL in the future.

11. Wiki:  wiki.openskills.org
Running smoothly.

12. Jabber:  jabber.openskills.org
Running smoothly.

13. Mail:  smtp.openskills.org
Running smoothly.  Anand has implemented and announced a
xxx@openskills.org forwarding facility for subscribers and members.  For
people who have specified a login name and are in-status subscribers or
members messages sent to {login-name}@openskills.org will be forwarded
to their registered email address.
Currently there are 23 (out of a possible 42) users who are configured
to use this service.

14. System Backup Test
No progress reported.

15. Marketing & Promotion
Caroline Thomas has produced the report from the brainstorming last
year.  The final version of this will be released over the next few

16. Financial Report
Income: Membership Fees         AUD    0.00
Expenses:                       AUD    0.00
Net                             AUD    0.00
Balance                         AUD 1263.37

17. AM proposed that the date of the next meeting be Wed 12th April 2006 
at the Cohi Bar at Darling Harbour.  DF seconded.  All present in favour.

18. No progress reported on all action items from last meeting.  Will be 
brought forward to the next meeting.

19. BB declared meeting closed at 6:40 pm

Summary of Action Items:
1.RC to post on dev-list question on how key status impact member status.
2.RC to review Squid config file.
3.AM to write a report on LCA and post to the committee list.
4.DF to post to dev-list re: discussion of domain names & trademarks 

Next Meeting:
    6:00 pm, 12th April 2006, Cohi Bar, Darling Harbour

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