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Agenda for Committee meeting 33

The meeting will start at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wednesday 11th January 2006 and will be held in the down stairs area of the James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia.

Apologies from:



Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:           11th January 2006
Location:       James Squire Brewhouse
                Sydney, Australia
                Bruce Badger            (BB)
                Rob Collins             (RC)
                David Falvey            (DF)
                Anand Kumira            (AK)
                Ashley Maher            (AM)
                Justina Badger          (JB)
                Doug Camp


Meeting Summary:
1.BB declared meeting open at 6:10 pm.

2.Membership numbers update
        Number of Guests: 120 (104)
        Number of Subscribers: 8 (7)
        Number of Members: 31 (29)
        Total number of accounts: 159 (140)

Total Number of accounts with a noted membership date: 38
(This later shows the number of people who have been a member at some
point, but who may be out of status at the moment.)

3.Domain names & trademarks agreement
BB posted to the committee-list the link to the OpenSkills wiki that
contains the proposed agreement on 09 Jan 2006.  It was not enough
notice for the board to consider and vote at this meeting.

4.Contracts, SOW & NDA
No progress from last committee meeting.

5.Member Management System:  mms.openskills.org
The system has been stable in production.  People can now add new
OpenPGP keys and nominate the current key.  Can select  as a key
in which case email is not encrypted, but membership status will reflect
the fact no key is current.

Currently working on the facility to add new email addresses and select
the current email address.

6. Brief discussion regarding what happens to a member's status when
members change their email address to one that is not listed on their
key: do they lose their member status until resolved?  Another scenario:
what if the member's key has been compromised?  Another question: what
happens when the member's key is for signing-only (MMS will fail to send
an email when attempting to encrypt it.  On the to-do list.)

Action:  RC to post on dev-list re: how a member's key can/should impact
member's status (after the key has been initially verified and signed by
2 members).

7.SkillsBase.  skillsbase.openskills.org
No production problems.  The new schema was released, and to releases
have been made that use new schema facilities.  It is now possible to
add career summary, career objectives and an education summary to a
resume.  This information is presented in the search results and public
resume.  The import/export of HR-XML has been modified to accommodate
the new information.

8.Effort Tracking system: efforttrack.openskills.org
Anand has taken over the development work on this system.  A first
(alpha-ish) version has been demonstrated.  The next step is to get the
origin server (hare.openskills.org) set up to host the system.  Jocelyn
has taken admin responsibility for hare, but has not been able to spend
much time on this of late.  Anand may step in to do some of the admin
tasks.  Anand will upload the code to the server in the next couple of

9.Mail List Server:  lists.openskills.org
Running smoothly.
Now have reliable backups of it.  Currently the backup is open ended --
each backup is 30MB -- so disk-space will limit how long we keep backups

10.Request Tracker: rt.openskills.org
Billy Kwong (aka tuppa) has assumed responsibility for this service and
the origin server that runs it.  Billy took this on just before heading
off on a Christmas break, and he's just returned from that, so more news
on this next month.

11.Wiki:  wiki.openskills.org
Running smoothly.  No issues.

12.Jabber:  jabber.openskills.org
Running smoothly.  No issues.

13.Mail:  smtp.openskills.org
Running smoothly.

Anand drove the creation of an admin mailing list and the improvement of
the OpenSkills server SOE.  As a result we have become aware of and
fixed a few admin issues over the last month.

Some problems encountered with Squid when caching and forwarding are
used at the same time.  Action:  RC to review the Squid config files.
BB will send the files to RC.

15.System Backup Test
No real progress, but SG still is working on getting this going.

16.Financial Report
Income: Membership Fees         AUD   20.00
Income: Interest                AUD    2.37
Expenses:Services:eGive:Fees    AUD    4.00
Net                             AUD   18.37
Balance                         AUD 1618.90

Two additional payments have been made via eGive.  These will turn up in
next month's statement.

17.Marketing & Promotion
Caroline Thomas has fixed the typos in the final report and will
re-publish it for BB.  BB will bring along the copies at the next
committee meeting.

18.BB proposed last committee meeting's minutes to be accepted.  DF
seconded.  All present in favour.

20.Date of the next meeting to be 8th February 2006, 6:00 pm.  Venue to
be decided.

21.BB declared meeting closed at 6:27 pm

22.Discussions continue on possible meeting venues.
Action: RC to coordinate the list of groups who will be put off by the
charging cost of James Squire Brewhouse for the use of their projector

Summary of Action Items:
1.RC to post on dev-list question on how key status impact member status
2.RC to review Squid config file.  BB to send it to RC.
3.RC to coordinate a list of groups put off by James Squire Brewhouse's
new charging cost for the projector room.

Next Meeting:
        6:00 pm, 8th February 2006


Anand has pointed out that BB failed to mention two significant system
outages that affected the SkillsBase, one of which also affected the
MMS.  Information on these outages were posted to the OpenSkills-dev
mailing list, and can be seen here:

Anand has also pointed out that the backup for the smtp server has also
been established.

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