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Agenda for Committee meeting 32

The meeting will start at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wednesday 14th December 2005 and will be held in the Wardroom of the James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia.

Apologies from:



Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.



OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:           14th December 2005
Location:       James Squire Brewhouse
                Sydney, Australia
                Bruce Badger            (BB)
                Anand Kumira            (AK)
                David Falvey            (DF)
                Justina Badger          (JB)
                Doug Camp
                Ashley Maher            (AM)
                Rob Collins             (RC)


Meeting Summary:
1.BB declared meeting open at 6:05 pm.

2.Membership numbers update
        Number of Guests: 104
        Number of Subscribers: 7
        Number of Members: 29
        Total number of accounts: 140
Total Number of accounts with a noted membership date: 37
(This later shows the number of people who have been a member at some
point, but who may be out of status at the moment.)

3.Domain names & trademarks agreement
BB Part 6 of the Constitution already covers this.  What is required is
a license for use of the domain names and trademarks.
BB to propose a license verbiage and post to the dev list.

4.Contracts, SOW & NDA
No progress from last committee meeting.

5.Member Management System:  mms.openskills.org
The MMS now implements GSM.  The transition appears to have been smooth.
There have been no unscheduled system outages.

6.SkillsBase.  skillsbase.openskills.org
The new schema for the SkillsBase is just about to be released into
production.  There will be no significant UI changes in this release,
but we will see UI changes following on quite quickly.  The SkillsBase
has been running smoothly since the last report.

7.Effort Tracking system: efforttrack.openskills.org
David Naseby has found that he can not dedicate any further time to the
OpenSkills Effort Tracking system. Anand Kumria has said that he wanted
to get involved with this system, and has now agreed to lead the
project.  David, Anand and Bruce were scheduled to discuss the handover
at the December Sydney social evening, but David did not make it along.
Anand got a code drop from David and will post mail to dev-list aksing
if any one would like to be involved.

8.Mail List Server:  lists.openskills.org
Running smoothly.
Only issue is the date/time is incorrect.  This cannot be fixed until
Bytemark (that provides the virtual machines for OpenSkills) upgrades to
Xen.  Date/Time need to be reviewed monthly meanwhile.

9.Request Tracker: rt.openskills.org
No progress this month.  We still need to set the access rights for this
service to allow guest read-only access.

10.Wiki:  wiki.openskills.org
Running smoothly.  No issues.  There has been further discussion of
replacing the current wiki, and the current wiki repository (a directory
tree of files containing the pages) has been made available to Billy
Kwong who has expressed an interest in working on this.

11.Jabber:  jabber.openskills.org
Running smoothly.  No issues.

12.Mail:  smtp.openskills.org
Running smoothly.  Same issue with incorrect date/time as for the mail
list server.

13.AK raised the question of creating an email address for the virtual
machine administrators. BB to create the mailing list.

14.System Backup Test
No real progress, but SG still is working on getting this going.

15.Financial Report
Income:Membership Fees          AUD   19.47        Expenses:Services:eGive:Fees
AUD    4.00
Net                             AUD   15.47
Balance                         AUD 1604.53

16.AK asked about the progress of setting up a merchant account with
Westpac (OpenSkills' banker) in order to have the facility to process
credit card payments.  However, need a gateway for people to submit
credit card payments.  No progress on that yet.  The easiest thing would
be for eGive to become a better fit, and they are now re-writing their
system using Ruby.  AK also mentioned was that allowing members to utilise any future merchant facility might be a good idea.

17.Marketing & Promotion
Final report from Caroline Thomas (but with some typos to be
fixed).  BB brought along two draft copies at the meeting and will send
out the final version when available.

18.BB proposed last committee meeting's minutes to be accepted.  DF
seconded.  All present in favour.

19.Date of the next meeting to be 11th January 2006, 6:00 pm.  Venue
will be at James Squire Brewhouse (if the room can be booked).

20.BB declared meeting closed at 6:25 pm

Summary of Action Items:
1.BB to propose verbiage for Domain Names & Trademarks License to
2.AK to post mail to dev-list for anyone who would like to be involved
in the Effort Tracking System
3.BB to create an administrator group email account

Next Meeting:
        6:00 pm, 11th January, 2005

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