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Agenda for Committee meeting 30

The meeting will start at 17:30 Sydney Time on Wednesday 14th September 2005 and will be held in the Wardroom of the James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia.

Apologies from:



Out of courtesy to remote board members no new items are to be raised during the meeting. New or other business must first be raised on the committee or OpenSkills-dev lists.

OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes Date: 14th September 2005


James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia





Meeting Summary:

BB declared meeting open at 5:50 pm.

1. Membership numbers update 111 on the OpenSkills-dev mailing list. 46 members, 10 of whom are founder members who are otherwise out of status. Of the 36, 18 are founder members and 18 are non-founder members.

2. Committee Pool Adjourned to next year's AGM.

3. Domain names & trademarks agreement Same as from last committee meeting: lawyer reckons that no further work required as this has already built into the Association Rules. This item will be removed from the next committee agenda.

4. Contracts, SOW & NDA No progress from last committee meeting.

5. SkillsBase Re: the problem of Squid dropping bytes in some message, BB has added logging capability to capture information sent to SQUID. Problem reproduced and information sent to the SQUID team, but no response as that team is busy. Moved to using Squid V2.5, the supported version in Debian Sarge on shrew. New version of SkillsBase deployed will be shown after the committee meeting. New version includes changes: validating schema parser, new search mechanism, tidied-up pages, improvements to the HTTP server and caching.

6. Membership Management System No problems. With the new version of SkillsBase released, BB to focus on MMS to improve password management using LDAP and/or Kerberos.

7. Effort Tracking System No progress from last meeting. Dave Naesby (who developed the system) is still keen to continue work on the system, but no estimates as yet.

8. Request Tracking System Problem reported last committee meeting where emails sent to general@request.openskills.org would bounce going through a provider (e.g. iiNet) seems to have gone away. BB would create a public account ?guest? so members can start using and/or browsing the system. Note: No backup process set up for this yet.

9. System Backup Test No feedback from SG. BB will follow up with SG.

10. Mail List Server The MailMan mail list server has been migrated from the woody version to the sarge version. The server now runs on crab.openskills.org. Patrick did the work here.

11. SMTP Server The mail server set up by Anand seems to be doing a great job. There does seem to be some issue with initial postings to the new list server from a given email address (or perhaps a given SMTP server) being slow. BB understands that this is because of grey listing. The benefit of the grey listing technique is reduced spam, but the cost is a bit of hassle when people post to the list for the first time. From the message senders point of vies it looks like the message just did not reach the list and this may cause people to post the same message many times. Patrick and Anand are discussing this.

12. Wiki Has been attacked a few times, causing it to be unavailable for short periods of time. Long-term strategy is to move to using Swazoo as that seems more stable.

13. Jabber No problems / issues.

14. Financial Report No change from last month, except for a $5 fee for eGive (an online payment service)

15. Marketing & Promotion Beermats are being distributed. AK has also been promoting OpenSkills while at GUADEC, LinuxTag. So far, does not seem to have a significant impact on increasing membership numbers.

16. BB proposed last committee meeting's minutes to be accepted. JB seconded.

17. BB proposed that the date of the next meeting be 6:00 pm, 12th October, 2005 (shifted to half an hour later as proposed by JB). JB seconded. All in favour.

18. BB proposed minutes for committee meeting #28 to be accepted. DF seconded. All in favour.

19. BB declared meeting closed at 6:15 pm

Action List:

BB to follow up with SG on system backup testing.

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