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Agenda for Committee meeting 29

The meeting will start at 17:30 Sydney Time on Wednesday 10th August 2005 .

The venue is the Norman Self Room on level 3 of the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts, 280 Pitt Street (map from whereis). The venue is very close to the Town Hall train station, and very handy for the Mezz Bar for food and beer after the meeting.

Matters before the committee

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For discussion


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes


10th August 2005


The Norman Self Room
Level 3,
Sydney Mechanics School of Arts
280 Pitt Street, Sydney




Meeting Summary:

1.BB declared meeting open at 5:35 pm.

2.AM & RC to review last meeting's minutes to see what corrections are required.

3.BB let committee know that Wikipedia has an entry on Ubuntu and asked if there should be an entry for OpenSkills. RC think so. After discussion, BB to put up Taryn's write-up on the wiki as the Wikipedia entry. All in favour.

4.Membership numbers update. Not available at the meeting. BB will post the information to the committee list.

5.Progress on forming Company Limited by Guarantee. Done.

6.Committee Pool. Is a Special Resolution item at the AGM. BB thinks it most probably won't get passed at the AGM as we do not have 75% votes from members. In that case, the Special Resolution will be adjourned to next year's AGM.

7.Domain names & trademarks agreement. Lawyer thinks that no further work required as this has already built into the Association Rules.

8.Contracts, SOW & NDA. No progress from last committee meeting.

9.Preparations for the AGM. Done. Will be held after the committee meeting!

10.SkillsBase. Re: the problem of Squid dropping byes in some message BB has added logging capability to capture information sent to SQUID. Intention is to log this and do a TCP dump to make sure all is OK. BB suggested it would be good to get the latest version of SQUID built. RC said he need to do a couple of things before he can do that: check the development branch of SQUID, fix up his CVS-> Arch script.

11.Membership Management System. RC asked why he is receiving regular emails from the system that tells him he is in good standing, when he already knows that. BB explained the emails serve 2 purposes: members can practice using their keys, proves the communication mechanism works. JB asked what RC's notification frequency is set to. BB suggested that RC changes the frequency to the allowed maximum (6 weeks). If RC thinks there are too many emails, to post to the dev-list for other comments.

12.Effort Tracking System. BB could not get in touch with Dave Naesby (who developed the system). No progress from last meeting.

13.Request Tracking System. BB let committee know that sending an email to general@request.openskills.org is effectively raising a request in the system. However, the email will bounce if it goes through a provider (e.g. IiNet), whereas configuring a local SMTP server to send the email works. BB tried changing the MX records, but that did not make a difference. RC said the cache needs to be flushed (takes 24 hours), so after the MX records are changed, need to wait 24 hours. BB said he would try again.

14.System Backup Test. In progress by SG. Discussions on Jabber Cafe and dev-list on how best to get a Debian environment for testing. SG will use Xen.

15.Financial Report. Financial year-end 2005 numbers: Income 2564.07; Expenses 1629.37; $1454.05 in the bank.

16.Date of the next neeting to be 14th September 2005, same time. Hopefully, the venue will be at James Squire Brewhouse (if the room can be booked).

17.AM let committee know about a Small Business Award competition held by Australia Post. There is a category for non-profit associations. The theme is "innovative ideas of getting the business going". AM thinks OpenSkills would be a good candidate. AM to post the URL link to the dev-list.

18.RC mentioned that "Launchpad" has come on-line that provides a calendring service. This is based on an open source Phtyon library that provides the underlying framework. SchoolBell is a project that sits on top of the framework to expose an iCal interface to support calendring. After some discussions, AM to post to the dev-list about SchoolBell.

19.AM has a new set of boiler-plate presentation. Will send to BB to post onto wiki.

20.BB declared meeting closed at 6:10 pm

Action List:

  1. AM & RC to review last committee meeting's minutes for corrections.
  2. BB to post membership numbers update to committee list.
  3. AM to post to dev-list the URL link to the Australia Post Small Business Award competition.
  4. AM to post to dev-list about SchoolBell

Next Meeting: 5:30 pm, 14th September, 2005

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