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Agenda for Committee meeting 28

The meeting will start at 17:30 Sydney Time on Wednesday 13th July 2005 and will be held in the Wardroom of the James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia.

Matters before the committee

Apologies from: Matters:

For discussion


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 13th July 2005

Location: James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney


Agenda: see above

Meeting Summary:

1. AM declared meeting open at 5:46 pm.

2. AM proposed last meeting's minutes to be adopted. PxB seconded. All in favour.

3. Marketing & Promotion AM to talk to universities about making the students aware of OpenSkills

4. Membership numbers update No information reported to committee.

5. Progress on forming Company Limited by Guarantee JB reported to committee that the application was rejected and re-submitted. Based on an email sent by the OpenSkills accountant, seems like ASIC has accepted the application. Next to do: application for ABN, GST, TFN.

6. Committee Pool As described on the wiki. Will be a Special Resolution item at the AGM.

7. Domain names & trademarks agreement No progress from last meeting.

8. Contracts, SOW & NDA No progress from last committee meeting.

9. Preparations for the AGM Nominations closed as of the committee meeting start. Action: JB to send email to committee on proposed text to send to the dev-list to announce the AGM date/time/venue. AGM agenda should include: report from President, acceptance of Financial Report, election of members, voting on Special Resolution.

10. Discussed the wording of the Special Resolution JB reminded committee that the wording for the Committee Pool is posted on the wiki, open for all to review. No decision made on the wording.

(SG joined the meeting at this time)

11. SkillsBase Re: the problem of Squid dropping byes in some message RC did not have time to help build a new version of SQUID that might solve the problem. PxB asked what the impact is. Impact is that while the production version is available and not compromised, new features of the SkillsBase have been held up in their release.

12. Membership Management System No information reported to committee.

13. Effort Tracking System No information reported to committee.

14. Request Tracking System From BB's email: The system that Gus is working on is up and running. BB has an admin account. Next to do: work out how to have others log in and submit "requests". RC raised a concern that RT might have limitations. After discussions, consensus is there might be work-arounds to address the limitations, once they are known.

15. System Backup Test No volunteers from RC's email. SG asked what is involved. RC explained that the volunteer would follow written instructions on how to restore the systems and restore them and make sure they work. SG volunteered to try.

16. Jabber Server From BB's email: The Jabber server is now running as jabber.openskills.org and the cafe is back up but on the .org server RC asked what the problem is with using openskills.org rather than jabber.openskills.org. In addition, RC raised the question of why rollout the new Jabber server as jabber.openskills.org when committee have agreed on openskills.org. Action: RC to follow up on the discrepancy between the rollout of the new Jabber server and what was agreed by the committee.

17. Financial Report $1454.05 in the bank.

18. Date of the next neeting to be 10th August 2005, same time and venue.

19. JB brought up discussion of web calendars, as posted in an email to the committee list. The free Web calendar does not provide email subscription service. SG suggested a few ways of providing that if we were to have our own service. Question was raised if there is a need to have such a service now. RC asked what the difference is between JB or BB answering emails re: Openskills events, or putting them onto a wiki, vs. putting the events onto a web calendar. After discussions, motion is, in the short-term, JB and BB to decide how best to keep the members informed of OpenSkills events. PxB proposed, AM seconded.

20. AM declared meeting closed at 6:36 pm

Action List:

1. JB to send proposed AGM announcement text to committee for review.

2. RC to follow up on the discrepancy between the rollout of the new Jabber server and what was agreed by the committee

Next Meeting: 5:30 pm, 10th August, 2005

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