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Agenda for Committee meeting 27

The meeting will start at 17:30 Sydney Time on Wednesday 8th June 2005 and will be held in the Wardroom of the James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia.

Matters before the committee

Apologies from:


For discussion


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 8th June 2005, 5:50 pm

Location: James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney


Attendees: Absentees:

Agenda: see above

Meeting Summary:

1. AM proposed last meeting's minutes to be adopted. PxB seconded. All in favour.

2. Re: proposal on VP's role of the Marketing, Promotion & Communications officer forwarding a copy of the committee meeting minutes to the OpenSkills press contact. BB proposed. PxB seconded. All in favour.

3. Re: proposal that the VP and/or President are able to authorise Press Releases. JB proposed. BB seconded. All in favour.

4. Re: proposal that the Committee accept the Early Access Review as posted on the wiki. After discussions, added 1 line to the wiki to say the Review process starts 1st October and the results will be presented to the Committee at the November committee meeting. AM & RC will be conducting the review. AM proposed. PxB seconded. All in favour.

5. Marketing & Promotion BB will be doing the world-wide Dev Con 2005, speaking at Smalltalk Solutions and the New York Smalltalk User Group.

(Rob Collins joined the meeting at this point)

6. Membership numbers; 109 on mailing list, increased by 5. 44 members; 34 members (18 founder, 16 non-founder) with all necessary information, 10 members have missing details (all happen to be founder members). 58 active logins.

7. Progress on forming Company Limited by Guarantee BB reported that Minister of Fair Trading has approved the transfer. Next to do is fill in the form for ASIC.

8. Committee Pool As described on the wiki. Will be a Special Resolution item at the AGM.

9. Domain names & trademarks agreement No progress from last meeting.

10. Contracts, SOW & NDA No progress from last committee meeting.

11. Zed tycho banner adverts offer zed tycho has proposed to come up with some marketing things for OpenSkills. BB is trying to get some formal written documentation on what they are trying to do.

12. Date for the AGM. Consensus is 10th August 2005.

13. SkillsBase Production database upgraded with new model. Web interface cannot be upgraded yet due to SQUID problem. BB in the process of adding more logging so RC can help debug the problem. RC also suggested using the latest version of SQUID, will help BB to build such a version on sarge.

14. Membership Management System 2 things on the task list to get it operationally less tedious (require human intervention): - auto password change - key check (currently, BB logs into the key server and do a visual check)

Even when the above is done and the application process is pretty much automated, BB suggests he would still want to do a visual check that all is in place before an applicant becomes a full member.

15. Effort Tracking System Wait for Dave Naseby to upgrade to a different Ruby version. PxB asked if this is the next system to focus strategically. After some discussions, think SkillsBase would be the focus to provide Search capability and better Position History entry. RC mentioned that it is important to support part-time engagements.

16. Gus is working on installing RT – a request tracking system. This would allow the Committee (and the members) to prioritise requests and track them.

17. RC raised the issue of testing backups. There was no response to his last email to the dev list for volunteers to help with the testing. RC proposed that he send another email to the dev list. Committee agree. PxB proposed that “testing backups” be added to the agenda under “Systems”.

18. Financial Report Approx $1200 in the bank. OpenSkills now have a book-keeper to keep track of the numbers on a regular basis.

19. Date of the next meeting to be 13th July 2005, same time and venue.

20. AM has revised the slides he presented at the previous Social Evening. Raised a number of points to the Committee. Need review of the style, fonts, etc. Is it a good idea to show a real person's skills in the slides? - if so, how to do it

After some discussions, Committee decided that it is best to put forward to the dev-list for disucssions.

21. BB declared meeting closed at 6:55 pm

Action List:

1. AM to put forward his slides for discussions on the dev-list.

2. BB to add “system backup test” as an agenda item

Next Meeting:

5:30 pm, 13th July, 2005

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