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Agenda for Committee meeting 26

The meeting will start at 17:30 Sydney Time on Wednesday 11th May 2005 and will be held in the Wardroom of the James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia.

Matters before the committee

Apologies from:


For discussion


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 11th May 2005, 5:30 pm

Location: James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney



Agenda: (see above)

Meeting Summary:

1. BB proposed last meeting's minutes to be adopted. PxB seconded. All in favor.

2. Membership numbers; 104 on mailing list, increased by approx. 10 38 members; 27 members with all necessary information, 11 members have missing details (all happen to be founder members). Of the 27 members, 11 were new since last meeting. 24 applicants; 2 have paid for SkillsBase Early Access.

3. Re: Proposal on president's discretion to waive requirement that members have their keys signed by 2 existing members. After some discussions among committee, decided to defer this until the other main matters are done.

PxB proposed that the committee approve the President's decisions prior to today to waive this requirement, and specifically for Jocelyn Habib. All in favour.

4. BB proposed that Matt Palmer be nominated as the primary press contact for OpenSkills and that an email address of press@openskills.org be established that will forward email to Matt and the committee list.

All in favour.

Further discussions after main matters regarding Matt's role.

5. BB proposed that there be a vote of thanks to Matt Palmer kindly offering to act as press contact for OpenSkills.

All in favour.

6. BB proposed that nominations for election of the new board be opened.

All in favour.

Positions will be: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and 4 others. BB will send email to mailing list. JB to check documentation re: requirement of number of days' notice, etc.

7. BB proposed that the committee pool arrangement (as posted on the wiki) be put to the AGM as a special resolution.

All in favour.

8. BB proposed that founder membership fee renewals become due on 1st June 2005, last date of payment 30th June 2005. Beyond that, the founder member will be considered “out-of-status”. All in favour.

9. Date of the next meeting to be 8th June 2005, same time and venue.

10. Discussion resumed on Point 3 above. Proposal with amendment as follows.

BB proposed that that the president be given the discretion to waive the requirement that members have their OpenPGP key signed by two exiting members if such a waiver is expected to help membership numbers and/or growth of membership in general. Amendemnt to proposal: - President to report to committee, as part of membership numbers, the number of applicants granted this waiver - BB to implement solution in MMS to support capability of this waiver - This implemented solution should explicitly store in the database that a member's “key-signed-by-2-existing-members' requirement has been waived / overridden.

All in favour.

11. Discussion resume on Matt Palmer's role as a Press Contact.

PxB proposed that the Office of Vice President assume responsibility to report to the committee regarding Marketing & Promotion & Communications. (Duty of the Press Contact/Officer comes under this banner.)

All in favour.

12. Brief discussion of the zed tycho banner adverts offer. Generally a good idea. PxB asked if there will be some sort of agreement between zed tycho and OpenSkills. BB agreed that sorting out the agreement would be the next thing to do.

13. BB thinks that the date for the AGM should be the 2nd Wed in August – the same date as the normal committee meeting and OpenSkills social evening. All think it is a good date.

14. Financial report: accountant fee paid for the previous year's financial report, received membership fees from new members. PxB inquired about need for auditing the accounts. BB informed committee that auditing has been done for last year, and will be done for this year. A book-keeper also keeps the accounts up-to-date on a monthly basis.

15. JB pointed out the “Early Access Review” posted by AM on the wiki. After brief discussions, consensus is AM to propose a motion to the committee at the next meeting to accept the “Review of Early Access” in its existing form on the wiki.

16. BB declared meeting closed at 6:40 pm

Action List:

  1. BB to send email to dev list opening nominations for the new board.
  2. JB to check requirements on requirement for number of days to AGM.
  3. AM to propose motion at next committee meeting's agenda to accept the “Early Access Review” write-up as posted on the wiki.

Next Meeting:

5:30 pm, 8th June, 2005

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