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Agenda for Committee meeting 25

The meeting will start at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wednesday 13th April 2005 and will be held in the Wardroom of the James Squire Brewhouse, Sydney, Australia.

Apologies from:


Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting 25 opened at 18:02


BB Bruce Badger

AM Ashley Maher

SG Stuart Gutherie

DF David Falvey

JB Justina Badger

RC Rob Collins

Previous minutes:

Error on the start time of current meeting time noted

BB propose acceptance

AM seconder


We now have the  beer mats 

Bruce: Move to thank Anand for his work and to Stuart and Anand for
funding the beer mats

Seconded SG


Getting ready for LCA.

Membership and association: mailing list 99 people

Membership Numbers: MMS: 12 members according to the MMS though several
existing members have not put all their information into the system
yet.  In the MMS 87 distinct applicants. 

Progress on forming the company limited by guarantee

Domain name and trademark agreement are now part of the rules and the

The committee pool etc needs to be passed at a SGM however the AGM can
be used for this. 

The MMS is increasing in its usability.

The css and xml stuff is increasing in its usability.

Bruce went through a working example of the administration area of the

The Effort Tracking System is down being rewritten due to a new release
of Ruby

There is $922.07 in the bank, this will go up before the beer mats are
paid for then drop back.

Date of next meeting: 11th May, 2005 @ 5.30pm at James Squire Brewe
House, Followed by Social Meeting

Meeting closed at 18:27

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